WH Now Credits President Trump With COVID Vaccines, In Prep For CDC To Announce They Don’t Work On Delta Variant


The White House would never credit Donald Trump with the vaccine rollout unless there was something negative about the vaccine that is going to hit the newswires; that is a no-brainer.

That baseline is why CTH said two months ago to watch for the moment when the White House credits Trump with the vaccine, because that’s the moment when: (1) the vaccine was going to be identified as dangerous; and/or (2) reports would show the vaccine did not work.

Today the White House credited President Trump with the vaccine More

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  1. Hmm…May be overthinking it. They’re probably doing it to get the ‘MAGA people’ to take the jabs. Because it’s ‘patriotic’, they say.
    Because that’s who they blame isn’t getting it. Even though we all know it’s blacks and hispanics in the lib cities.

  2. That’s interesting, yesterday on Tim Pools show he was saying “why don’t Democrats just credit Trump with the vaccine to get Trump supporters to take the vaccine. Today, this comes out. Coincidence?

  3. Something smells and it’s not a good smell. Our government is beyond third world in the crooked department, they are starting to make Russia and China look straight up honest.

  4. The Delta variant is just about over in England – lasted about a month.
    Their scientists said it a a super weak strain.

  5. If you look at the numbers and info in other countries you will soon discover the majority dying from “delta” are the vaccinated. The majority unvaccinated dying live in a household with a vaccinated person.
    The spike protein has done what honest and caring doctors have warned since the beginning if it doesn’t kill you quick, the spike protein invades every organ and then goes into overdrive when exposed to the virus and all of the vaccines including johnson & johnson do what all coronavirus vaccines have done and cause ADE and stronger mutations of the virus.

    Some of us have said since the beginning the vaccinated will become the lepers and that is about to show itself.

  6. MJA, haven’t you seen they have other variants waiting. England is already reporting on some of them.

    Just don’t be in close contact for extended periods with the vaccinated and if you’re unvaccinated you’ll be as safe as you ever was from a virus. I don’t know if it would help or not against the spike protein but if I had been stupid enough to get it I would be taking me ivermectin, zinc and vitamin d.

  7. The problem is that flu season is almost here. Which will be called covid. Prepare for the utopians to start all over with the lies and propaganda.

  8. What still concerns me the most is what are these vaccines doing that we don’t know? What we do know is bad, what if what we don’t know is even worse?

    Digging through stuff last night is how I found out about the deaths in other countries and all of them have shown the vaccinated accounted for the majority of the deaths, then I found about the unvaccinated living with the vaccinated. Maybe they’re just calling it the delta or xyz of covid and it’s something else.
    We know what the spike protein does and those same doctors who told us told us it was possible for them to shed the spike proteins.

    So I’ve been looking for ways to combat the spike protein. The same with covid except they say CoQ10 might help along with pine needle tea and Iodine.

    One of the formulas I saw one of the doctors prescribing was 10000 mg vitamin c, 500 mg magnesium, 250 mg selenium, 5000 mg vitamin D, 50 mg zinc taken daily.

  9. I’ve been taking a certain brand of Lugol’s every morning for the past year or so to help my low thyroid. I have come down with pretty much nothing in that time. Coincidence? Don’t know but I’m going to keep doing it.

    5000 daily of vit also.

  10. It could be that they’re expecting massive vax reaction deaths to begin piling up soon, so they’re getting out in front of it by crediting Trump now in order to blame him later.

    Watch…soon it will be Trump alone personally murdered all these innocent vaxxed people. You KNOW they will.

  11. Jethro I’m not going to take that formula because I don’t live with someone who has been jabbed. I will though continue taking Ivermectin weekly and daily vitamin d, and zinc.
    I’ll pass the info to all of my siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews who were jabbed. They probably won’t listen as they told me I was crazy when I told them all the bad stuff about the jabs before they took them. They just all believed it was a vaccine like any other vaccine and they didn’t want to die from covid. I truly think I was adopted.

  12. grool that is very likely. I’ve said for sometime he needs to shut his mouth about warp speed.

  13. ORWW, I used to think he was fine talking about it because he based his decisions on what he thought was trustworthy input from those around him. As any leader must do.

    But now that he knows they were screwing him, and us, he does need to stop talking about it if he still is.

  14. A comedic remark on Gutfeld! show on Wednesday night by Jesse Watters, “Bribe them! Give them $100 to take the vaccine.”

    Thursday morning headlines read: Biden urges communities to use coof funds to pay $100 for taking the jab.

    Fly by seat of pants administration.

  15. Israel is starting booster shots on Sunday for those 60 and up. The vaccine doesn’t work! Next up booster shots. Also Jack Posobiec on Twitter said the WH is coordinating lockdowns with blue states to start mid-August. A few weeks to try to scare everyone, try to get support for mandated vaccines etc. Time to say Covid is OVER. It is your personal responsibility to take care of yourself and the government needs to get the hell out of our lives. And we’ve all known Trump was serving himself up on a platter to be blamed for the ineffectiveness of the fraudulent ‘vaccines’ along with all the injuries and deaths.

  16. The so-called delta variant showed up when it became apparent the shot didn’t prevent COVID. I think it was just cover.

  17. “The so-called delta variant showed up when it became apparent the shot didn’t prevent COVID. I think it was just cover.”

    Could also be that the supposed Delta variant is only vaccinated people starting to react badly. Since there’s no test that distinguishes between covid and flu, or covid variants, there’s no way for anybody to say for sure what it is, so my money is on vax reaction.

  18. Local Tampa news, as everywhere, is vomiting in all the headlines that covid hospital admissions are up. Assuming that is true,
    what they’re NOT saying is whether these are mostly vaccinated people or unvaccinated.

    Funny that they should leave that out, huh?

  19. Delta variant was first detected in India late last year.

    It’s highly transmissible which means the reckless flood of illegal immigrants most likely brought it with them and the Biden Administration has been sending these people all over the nation with no COVID testing and no quarantining. It’s a mega spread’a catastrophe and completely avoidable.

  20. grool, I remember listening to one of the doctors way back when that said covid was 65% the same makeup as the common cold and that when these people who survive the shot at first, once they are exposed to even the common cold the spike protein would kill them. Eventually even without exposure it would kill them. They predicted all who got the mRna would die within 2 to 3 years. Remember no animal survived.

    What I haven’t seen anyone say is how easily are they shedding the spike protein? How long do you have to be exposed to someone for them to shed this shit on you?

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