WH Press Secretary: Obama Aides Left “You Will Fail” Notes for Trump Officials

Dan Bongino:

Obama aides left notes reading “You will fail” for incoming Trump administration officials, according to White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.

Grisham told a Norfolk, Virginia radio host, “We came into the White House—I’ll tell you something, every office was filled with Obama books. And we had notes left behind that said ‘You will fail,’ ‘You aren’t going to make it.’ And in the press office, there was a big note taped to a door that said, ‘You will fail.’”

The Daily Mail followed up with Grisham, who said Obama aides left cabinets in the press office filled with books authored by President Obama and a note was taped inside the cabinet doors reading, “You will fail.” read more

24 Comments on WH Press Secretary: Obama Aides Left “You Will Fail” Notes for Trump Officials

  1. Yea, hows that working out. Juvenile shit. Only effective on people that have never accomplished shit. Would fire up true competitors. Which that administration sure as hell wouldn’t understand. So I say thanks for the motivation Barry.

  2. … from an administration a regime that was the biggest failure in USA history, surpassing James Buchanan & Jimma Carter (2 more D’rats)

  3. It’s not like anyone expected anything else from those corrupt communist pieces of defecation. Maybe a trip to Cuba, and a date with some hemp rope will help.

  4. The Clintons also did the same to the Bushies. Not sure if it’s a WH tradition or not or a effing petty immature Demorat thing? Not sure?

    I had a lib at work, at that time, put a clear plastic anti ‘cross through’ symbol thing, on the W key on my work computer keyboard.

    But ya know what?

    Oh the irony? The Donald at the Correspondents Dinner 2011 was the final straw, for the record, DJT had been thinking about it, but the below was THE moment:


    Watch at .25 speed and freeze @01:54 and look at the eyes of hate, listen to the Obozo asshole.

    The Choomer in Chief also snickered away, that POS.

    Ironically Roger Stone @4:44…

    I suspect DJT will have the last laugh, I pray.

  5. I reckon all the Obola fail notes were written in crayon?

    Reminds me of the infantile spoiled brat loser mentality bullshit of the outgoing LOSER Clinton regime prying the “W” keys off all the computer keyboards.

    The fact that we are only hearing about this now is more proof that Obolas regime was the JV junior varsity playing checkers all day and Trump’s Administration are serious adults there to do a fucking job and only play three dimensional chess on their lunchbreaks.

  6. Fucking jug-eared, narcissist, gauche, communist, traitorous, Kenyan, islamic, faggot, scumbag, cocksucking simulacrum of a human.

    He and his ilk deserve the accounting of Sisyphus.

  7. I have zero problem believing this is true.

    We all saw the picture of the glum, angry Obamabots waiting for President-elect Trump to arrive at the White House. We all saw the picture of the sobbing staffer. And we all know Obama embedded his people throughout the West Wing and in the bureaucracy to undermine the incoming President.

    So believing they would snottily leave little nasty notes like the bitter prigs they are is hardly a stretch.

  8. People of IOTW, they left more than nasty notes, they left a toilet paper shitfest and a network of spitting viper spies.

  9. Ghost, that’s a great video now. How sweet it is that the jug-eared community organizer had to shake hands with and “congratulate” President Trump Jan 2017.

    And now? Obama who?

  10. “we’re not owned! we’re not owned!!”, they continue to insist as they slowly shrink and transform into corn cobs.

  11. Never doubt that God’s judgement will reduce Democrats to sniveling, pleading, helpless, and damned fools.

    Democrats demand murder by abortion and celebrate sexual perversions. Not a winning strategy for eternity.

    This childish stunt is a recognition of the joke of a legacy left behind by O-Butt-Hole. Sore losers!

  12. I remember when the outgoing Clinton administration removed all the “W” keys from the computer keyboards when George W. Bush was entering the White House. Very clever, children.
    Just an ongoing lack of class and professionalism.

  13. The Clinton people took all the “W” keys off the keyboards.

    This is who they are, and you can’t live side-by-side with domestic terrorists.


  14. Hmmmm…..but then again Trump ppunches back. We can always hope that no matter who wins in 2024, they’ll find all the keyboard keys pried off except K-A-G

  15. Where’s that picture of Trump pointing his finger in Barkys face with Don Junior smiling behind him? I think the caption was “when I’m done it’ll be like you were never here.” I got it somewhere.

  16. Been watching now, yet the FIFTH Dem Impeachment Inquiry (coup).

    These people are vicious beyond human comprehension. They are dangerous and possess a demonic countenance of self-justifide inner EVIL!

    They will cut a new wound and rub salt, and rub salt until they cannot even draw water from the wound. Then initiate another wound and start all over again. My impression is that they are capable of doing this, ad infinitum, until their objective is accomplished.

    I pray to God that this dies a dishonorable DEATH! This is not the America I know and maybe the last we will see of the Democrat Party after 2020.

    Many thanks to the sane people (such as, Nunes, Jordan, Stefanik et al.), who continue fighting on against this sickening spectacle.

    This is just prolonged insanity, a political coup and an embarrassment in front of the World.


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