What A Childish A$$hole

After ‘Noose’ Controversy, Bubba Wallace’s Next Act Takes Aim at Christian Driver.

And this:

Last year, after another collision he viewed as intentional, he threw a drink in the face of fellow driver Alex Bowman, who was being treated for dehydration, and called him a “b—-.”

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  1. I heard a joke about him:
    They proved Bubba was lying because he had no noose in his garage.

    You know what else he doesn’t have in his garage? A 1st place trophy.

  2. Who?

    Richard Petty should be ashamed of the shit show his driver is creating in an already pathetic racing series.

  3. Most publicity NOOSECAR has ever had! But if they love old Booba so much hows come he don’t start first every race, Huh?

  4. Typical entitled black thug. Ok for him to take shots at anything he wants, but over-sensitive to anything that he construes as offensive.

    I will shed a tear that he won’t be in the next big race. Or not.

  5. He hates his mothers side of himself….bitch be white….but you gotta admire his marketing skills. He’d be without a NASCAR ride within a year maybe two….Now he can’t be replaced….

    The NASCAR gods have some pull though….he will get wrecked out pretty often now….

  6. He truly is the Kapernick of NASCAR.
    Which also means he will probably be making 8-figure sums soon, representing companies with products to sell that want to be seen as ‘woke’.

  7. fukc bubba smollett,,,,, fukcing axehole! And after nascar’s bullshit pandering, i will never watch another race…. um is that RASSSIST?

  8. The BIG problem with this guy is HE CAN’T DRIVE. He’s a train wreck in the draft. He’s a Racial quota hire that’s going to get someone hurt. Not to mention he’s a huge distraction in a very fast sport.
    This guy had an uncle that could drive. A great guy, always a smile on his face. But that was back in the 80’s before the powers to be made us a racist nation.

  9. “Ah, ah, just disrespect…..my hair looks terrible, sorry mom”….

    I know nothing about NASCAR, but I do recognize low self esteem cloaked in swaggering narcissism when I see it.
    Example: During the Don Lemon interview post noose hoax, Wallace, in a disjointed manner, tried to keep the racist card in play, while at the same time avowed to stand tall to those who wished to “test his character”.

    So which is it? Is he a victim of racism, or a strong man of moral fiber and conviction of character, regardless the color of his skin? He can’t be both.

    To take the opportunity to voice disgruntlement against another driver he “felt” intentionally ran him into the wall, and in the same breath apologize his ‘fro looked natty (sorry mom??), is an indication he places a good deal of emphasis on his looks and apparently thinks other ppl do as well.

    He’s on minute 14 of his allotted 15.

  10. I watched the video. Dude who tapped him was boxed in by Wallace and the guy behind him. Where was he supposed to go? Into the wall? Pfft.
    Wallace was in front. Should have moved out of the way.

  11. Was he driving a ‘68 Cadillac Coupe DeVille with a Naugahyde top and a gold chain around the license plate?

  12. Personifying the obvious. He takes niggardly to unseen heights. See ya noosecar. Mores the pity for the Petty organization.

  13. Who knew there was such a thing as a black Bubba, anyway? Bubbas are big ole southern white guys wearing overalls, aren’t they?

    Even Bubba Watson, the golfer, is a stretch. Dude cries like a little girl when he wins a tournament.

  14. @PHenry, the difference being that Watson has wins. He won the Daytona of golf with winning the Masters. I’d probably cry too.

  15. @rick. Not a shoulder shaking sob. Getting misty is OK. Tears streaming OK.
    Oh never mind. I am bubba jacking this thread.

  16. Nascar sacrificing their industry on the altar of wokeness defending an Affirmative Action Princess.

  17. After the Biden win, Nascar will have a Pedophile driver and you will be arrested if you complain. After the sport is destroyed by the Left, it will be subsidized by your Tax dollars with cars devoted to Clowns, Sex change heroes, criminals , Felons etc and mandatory attendance for your enjoyment. You will support the changes , especially the quiet electric cars. Democrats are serious.

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