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What a Difference a Year Makes…

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  1. Covid Therapies Conspiracy theory>>>>>>>Truth

    Denial of covid therapies. Conspiracy theory>>>>>>>Truth

    Race-based denial of covid therapies. Whaaaa???>>>>>>Truth

  2. Transgenderism is a mental disease. Truth. Nobodys buying it and even the trannys see it for what it is now.

  3. I was just reading about Australian actor Ben Lewis’s wife, Melle Stewart. She took the AstraZeneca jab and suffered a severe stroke. She was also an actress. 40 years old and now unable to speak and paralyzed on her right side. Life totally destroyed. And she still thinks it was the right thing to do to take the jab. The politicians pushing this should be prosecuted.

  4. Biden, cry, cry, that big bad man, weep weep, they stole it from us 😭
    Help is just a phone call away, this time of year is tuff on the mentally challenged.

  5. I just saw this morning in “Breaking News” …

    “US Facing ‘Massive Shortage’ of Conspiracy Theories Across The US As All Of Them Have Come True”

  6. Conspiracy Theories are coming true.
    Babylon Bee satires are coming true.
    1984, Animal Farm, Darkness At Noon, Fahrenheit 451 (free speech cancelled) are coming true.
    Kurt Schlichter’s predictive novels will be coming true.


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