What a Difference an Election Makes! – IOTW Report

What a Difference an Election Makes!


Candidate Trump CANCELLED an APPEARANCE at CPAC during his campaign in 2016 as he avoided a planned … READ ALL THE DRAMA HERE


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14 Comments on What a Difference an Election Makes!

  1. Like I said earlier, he should tell these pompous ass holes to Fuck Off right at the last minute. He just might, and I would not be surprised.

  2. They want to return to being relevant at CPAC, offer their apolozies after last years fit. They see the writing on the wall.

    btw, caption under Trumps photo shoud say “i am smiling’.

  3. He should just send them a televised message, but not appear in person. He’s got too much on his plate right now to be fucking around with these snow……balls.

  4. I wish these people would stow all the moral preening for a change. Trump is kicking ass and doing more good than I’ve seen in a lifetime, but I guess even so, its just not good enough for them.

  5. DJT could go in there and turn water into wine and those aholes would complain that it wasn’t Chardonnay.

  6. Our president is a man of good faith. There will be the usual protests from these moral leopards and their spots.

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