‘What A Fraud This Guy Is’: Tucker Carlson Criticizes Dr. Fauci For Dodging Jim Jordan’s Questions About Protests – IOTW Report

‘What A Fraud This Guy Is’: Tucker Carlson Criticizes Dr. Fauci For Dodging Jim Jordan’s Questions About Protests

Daily Caller: Fox News host Tucker Carlson called Dr. Anthony Fauci a “fraud” during Friday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after the White House coronavirus task member dodged a series of questions from Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan.

Jordan grilled Fauci during a heated House subcommittee hearing exchange Friday on whether ongoing protests and demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd should be treated the same as churches in some states and banned to curb the spread of coronavirus.

After playing a clip of the exchange, Carlson compared Fauci’s unwillingness to weigh in on protests to a clip of the doctor urging governments to “be as forceful as possible” in getting people to wear masks.

“Oh, so he is willing to weigh in on specific responses,” Carlson said. “Government responses. What a fraud this guy is. Put on your mask. Get off your powerboat. Put on some goggles. Do it for public health. By the way, the consequences don’t matter. They are just inconveniences.” Watch here

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  1. Jordan failed to corner Dr. Barking Rat with an inescapable question. This might have done it:

    The govt limits the size of crowds in the name of slowing the acquisition and transmission of the virus. We see they have done this with church services, even outdoor ones. You just said you weren’t looking at what the crowds were doing, you were just commenting on crowds in general. Should the govt limit the size of a protesting crowd the same way it limits the size of a worshiping crowd? Yes or no.

  2. ^He asked him a inescapable question that was a simple yes or no answer. Instead Fauci prevaricated and failed to answer the question. I guess I watched a different hearing.

  3. Can we please stop pretending the riots have anything to do with George Floyd? It is long past time. Just as it is long past time to pretend the “good doctor” is concerned about public health. He is a publicity hound and hasn’t done science in forty years. When was the last time Fauci was in a lab or analyzed actual data rather than model projections?

  4. Let’s lighten up on berating rodents. I like rodents.

    He’s more like a raccoon, a shifty, virus-infested, stealing, persistent con artist who has taste buds in his hands and waddles around breaking everything while tasting it at the same time. Everything it touches turns to trash.

  5. The preponderance of the evidence shows that little Napoleon is a democrat political operative and his interest in the totality of American healthcare takes a backseat to his party’s desire for power at any cost.

  6. Trump’s campaign keeps sending me letters asking for money and I always send them back empty saying “You want MY money? Fire that little shitweasel Fauci!”

  7. Why are we listening to any of these self serving tin pot dictators?
    NONE, I repeat, NONE of them suffer any consequences of what they proclaim.
    My fellow Americans don’t seem to have the balls God gave a mouse.
    Throw down your mask, swallow some Hydroxychloroquine, and get the fuck back to work.

  8. Doctor Falsie Swampy Deep State can’t comment unless his Chappaqua Masters have vetted his responses. He’s a beloved member of the Dementiacrat Party’s scientific advisers. You know the one that puts truth over facts, unless the facts get in the way of Dementiacrat truths.

  9. @Jimmy – The Raccoon lobby has filed a complaint against referring to Fauci as one of theirs. They maintain that he is a relative of the Weasel family which include polecats and skunks on occasion… all of which vote democRAT!

  10. Fauci meant to tell Tucker “Wear masks at every occasion except at baseball games with personal friends and you don’t think anyone sees you.”

  11. The ONLY reason to dodge questions
    is when you do not want to tell the truth

    If dr. Fow – Chee wants to be political
    rather than candid he will dodge the question

    There is never any need to dodge the question
    if you are honest

  12. “I saw through this pathetic asshole the first time he was on tv.” -Anonymous

    I know exactly what you mean. I was that way when I saw Bill Clinton on TV in the late 80’s. And he was the kind of guy you’d hire to run a brothel.

  13. In a perfect world, we could trade Wilford Brimley for Tony “The Fcuk” Fauci.

    Hell, I’d even take Charles Manson back for Dr. Fraud.
    Charlie only murdered a few people; Fauci is killing millions and hasn’t stopped yet.


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