What a Trudeau Win would mean for Civil Liberties


Voter-surveys show top issues this election being the post-COVID economy, housing affordability, and the environment. These are big areas of concern, it’s true. But these surveys, commonly presented as a pre-set list to voters by pollsters and media groups, are missing an issue that is absolutely fundamental to our free, open, and democratic society: the freedom of political expression. This can’t be lost on candidates and those critical of Trudeau’s recently-tabled anti-“hate speech” bill—which, if the parliamentary vote on his bill to regulate social media is any indicator, means the whole Conservative Party and the heroic Jody Wilson-Raybould—and the issue has to be dragged into every stump-speech, debate, and election discussion before polls close on September 20.

Trudeau’s Liberals pro-censorship bill

As University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist recently warned, although Trudeau’s Liberals were late in unveiling their pro-censorship bill last session and it died before getting a vote in Parliament, it still signals what’s high up on their agenda if re-elected.

As many older classical liberals are no doubt saying these days, where is Alan Borovoy when you need him. The late social critic and founder of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association penned numerous books and articles before his death in 2015 warning Canadians about their potential slide towards humanist intolerance and progressive totalitarianism. His best book on the issue, 1999’s The New Anti-Liberals, does an expert job explaining the folly of trying to ban “hate speech” and the threat such laws pose to Canadian civil liberties.

Borovoy asks at the outset of The New Anti-Liberals, when it comes to empowering a regulator of public expression, who should we trust? Traditional liberals like letting members of the public, not the authorities, decide what they themselves get to see and hear. It isn’t, he writes, “that we necessarily have boundless faith in the people; it’s that we have less faith in the authorities.” To give authorities the power to vet what’s already available to the public, he adds, “is profoundly anti-egalitarian.” Amen.

I’d second that it’s also anti-egalitarian to let “anyone” bring a civil hate-speech complaint against a person without the threat of paying up if they lose—as Trudeau’s bill will do. Such a system, in reality, will pit powerful advocacy groups and those with lawyerly know-how against the poor and defenseless who lack the resources to navigate the tribunal system. more

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  1. If Truedope wins, then the citizens of Canaduh who voted for his dopey, fascist ass will deserve everything he’s gonna bring them, good and hard.

  2. “if re-elected.”




    You’re SERIOUS.

    I’m going to have to laugh even HARDER!


  3. I saw a video a few days ago where a reporter was interviewing Fidel Jr. The reporter actually asked some hard questions.

    Fidel’s response? In so many words, “I won’t answer those questions but I will be happy to answer questions I am happy to answer.”

  4. I just got back from Voting at 3:pm.

    SURPRISE! My name, my wife’s, & daughter’s name were not present on the voter cross off sheets DESPITE having my voter card in hand which was mailed to my house.

    Apparently I’m not on the list at the Church where the liberal incumbent regularly stands across the street and passes out leaflets. Mon to Friday every election cycle.

    Something must have happened to may name when I drove by him regularly on the way to work, slowed down, and YELLED: COCKSUCKER! at the top of my lungs.

    That, & the “FUCK TRUDEAU” Stickers on my Work Van. The Fuckers name is Yvan Baker. Looks a bit like Turdo but with less Ball Damage on his Chin

    Filthy Fuck

  5. @RadioMattM

    After that woman stood up to him, a few other reporters did once they realized that she actually became popular for DOING HER JOB FINALLY!

    Cheers Matt. Thanks for noticing.

  6. I have NO FAITH in My Citizens.
    Too Comfortable for way too long with too few real world achievements.

  7. RadioMattM

    Steal, edit, adjust, discard…

    It does not take much up here.
    Think of the YUGE EFFORT it took in the United States. It really is a disgrace.
    Midterms baby!

  8. I sincerely believe they stole the midterms in 2018.

    HOWEVER, I don’t think they will be able to get away with nearly as much this time:

    Officials: “Ah, we’re going to stop counting for the night. You all can go home and get some sleep.”

    Republican observers: “The hell we will.”

    Plus all of the cameras pointed at the loading docks to capture anything being brought in, and people not allowing boards to be put up over the windows, etc.

    While there is a possibility that I can be proven wrong, I think they overplayed their hand.

  9. Liberal won big. Perhaps the Conservative Party is not conservative enough. It’s like a northern edition of the GOP.

    Turdo can squeeze five years out of this election. I think that’s how it works up there. KCIR correct me if I am wrong.

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