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  1. I made it through almost three minutes of this video before bailing. I’m betting that’s more than most people do, and that’s only because alcohol slows my reflexes.

  2. Amen, Vietvet. Stupid me was waiting to see who the queen was, or Godot or something. Then I was worried I would see my teenage daughter, but our pom died last year. And was is “gupta” or whatever? I’m going to bed.

  3. The Queen is coming. Hmmm, OK, is there a King? I can tell we don’t have all the info that’s needed. I need more clues.

  4. The Queen is coming to visit those sheltering in place and tell them to get your ass out there and resist! Tik Tok. Too much time on their hands. Open up! Go back to work. We don’t need more Made in China crap.

  5. I’m listening to The Beatles “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”
    McCartney’s bass is such a driving force, Preston’s organ is a great fill, Lennon’s & Harrison’s vocals & guitars are ringing … & Starkey’s drums, as always, are spot on

    … not really sure what you’re tuning into there …. but, to each his own … enjoy the moment … I guess

  6. Just for fun, let’s shut down social media and see what happens.

    The meltdown would be EPIC.

  7. Ok, shame on you Gloomy Gus Club members, I watched the whole video and enjoyed every minute. Those darling costars are adorable!
    Sure we know most Millenial and Gen Z borg people are lazy, spoiled, ignorant and can’t live without technology, but sometimes their quirky, goofy pointless shenanigans are sorta fun.

  8. Ok. The second video explained the script, but I still don’t get the animal-as-a-phone part.

    I’m with 99th on why it exists at all, though.

    P.S. After a while it was like getting a snapshot of their personalities. Seeing the small differences turned out pretty informative

    The cartoon colored lady @ 6:19 would be embarrassing to be with in public, but that’s just me. The name Jessica Rabbit came to mind.

  9. Vietvet JULY 16, 2020 AT 12:39 AM

    Congrats! You might be a winner!

    Be sure to look at our special offers!

    I made it to 2:21. That is what this contest is about ain’t it?

    You’re a mean one Mr. Big


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