What am I watching?

ht/ annie

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  1. Seriously,

    The piece is Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti (“Humorous duet for two cats”), which is based on music by the Italian composer Rossini, and performed by “Les Petits Chanteurs à La Croix de Bois” (Little Singers of the Wooden Cross}, a children’s choir based in Autun, France.

  2. Well, I apologize for thinking this, but, I wonder what priest molested these boys in order to get them to meow. The Catholic Church owns it.

  3. I loved it. Must confess, as a lover of all critters, I have a particular affection for cats. What beautiful, pure voices. A wonderful delightful treat after a particularly hard day. FYI, I love boy choirs with their beautiful voices before the onset of adolescence and voice change.


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