What an Idiot

One time Mets ace reliever, Jenrry Mejia, receives lifetime MLB ban for testing positive a THIRD time for performance enhancing drugs.

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In a span of 10 months, Mejia tested for Stanozolol, was suspended for 80 games, then tested for Stanozolol and Boldenone, was suspended for 162 games, and then tested for Boldenone and therefore was permanently disqualified.

Jenrry Mejia is 26 years old. With any kind of luck at all, that leaves him with a lot of life left, and with any kind of prudence would have meant a lot of baseball career left.

He grew up in Santo Domingo, where he shined shoes for a few pesos at a time. According to the stories, written as Mejia and his big fastball were arriving in the big leagues five years ago, he only discovered baseball at 15, only found he was reasonably good at it sometime after that, and only then began to understand what it could do for the rest of his life.

He was in the major leagues with the New York Mets at 20. He was established in their bullpen at 24. He was suspended twice after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs at 25. And on Friday afternoon, at 26 years old, Jenrry Mejia became the first player – major or minor leagues – to be banned for life because of a third positive test.

A year ago, he was to be the Mets closer for as long as that fastball held up. He would have made $2.5 million in 2015. He could have made about $1 million in 2016, had he only shown up in late July – when his suspension was due to expire – and pitched.

Mejia perhaps will go pitch somewhere else, in a country or a league that isn’t done with him. He can apply for reinstatement here in two years, though the likelihood of a soft landing on appeal seems rather thin.

So what kind of a young man is busted for steroids, twice, and while serving each of those suspensions is busted again for using the same drugs? Mejia, as of Friday, was six months from pitching in a big-league game. Why take illegal drugs now? Or, maybe, why do those drugs linger in him still?


Hat Tip/ Haggs

“Is it possible the guy has some undiagnosed problem and his body makes some higher levels of something? I mean, I can’t believe someone could be so dumb.”  – Haggs

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  1. He must have felt like he was losing his edge. Or maybe he wanted to throw as hard as Aroldis Chapman. Whatever it is, he fucked up the best opportunity he will ever have. Success is hard for some people to deal with.

  2. Well, the background does give him cartoonish mouse ears.

    Three times caught tells me he didn’t have enough naturally. It was either enhancement or Mr. Average.

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