What Are The Democrats Up To With Russia?

It’s time to lay out some facts from recent news stories and speculate upon their meaning. First, we have Louis Gohmert (R-TX) declaring that FBI agent Strzok knew Hillary’s server had been hacked by a foreign power. At about the same time, we have the Democrats demanding the President cancel his meeting with the head of the Russian state. Rethinking representative Gohmert’s revelation this doesn’t seem so much as a grandstand by those on the left, but as more of a panicky attempt to stop these two from talking in private.

Now we have demands from congressional democrats that the State Department interpreter be subpoenaed and brought before Congress to tell them what president Trump and Vladimir Putin talked about during their meeting.  More

We’re so use to Democratic hyperbole that I suspect we’re missing the real motive for why party leaders and their enablers in the media are doing all they can to poison relations with Russia and find out what, if any, information may have been exchanged between the two world leaders. I speculate that they aren’t so much worried about what Trump may have promised or given to the Russians. It’s what Putin may have handed over to the president in private, like perhaps Hillary’s missing e-mails.

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  1. That two hour meeting:

    I would love to know the POTUS said:

    “okay…who are the moles? If you don’t help or cooperate you will be either destroyed or added to the scumbags of history. What do YOU prefer”

    “So, let’s start with Brennan…”

    Dems ‘friendship’ with the past USSR and modern day Russia, and IRAN is EYES WIDE OPEN now…they are SCARED.

    China next…


  2. This is a most plausible theory. I didn’t see that they were concerned what President Trump and Rocket Man talked about.

  3. Not only did Putin tell Trump, but he told the whole world. Russian criminals gave Hitlery 400 million bucks and psycho Brennan, dirty rat Muller, coma Comey, and the other filth laundered it and transferred it for her. What more do we need to know… Putin was pissed because they owe Russian taxes. The scum media criminals have ignored it and are covering it up. So just imagine what he told Trump privately if he said that publicly.

  4. My theory as well, for the following. Putin and Trump respect each other. Both “A” types. Both Nationalists. Plus everyone else on the world stage are for the most part pussies. I believe they talk a lot, both in English by the way. I think Trump and Putin chased everyone out of that meeting and Putin opened his brief case and hand over the keys to the kingdom. This would explain why “Q” and others keep claiming the hammers coming down in July. Not much times left. Somebody do something.

  5. @ Bad Brad I FULLY agree but the Thor like hammer is coming down, not in July OR August after Labor Day…

    What was discussed at that presser was MEDIA TROLLING.

    WHAT was discussed was CHINA. THEY are the threat.

    Sessions is, bless his heart, letting enjoy their vacays…

    @ Lawrence – please explain.


  6. Lawrence

    Stop watching ALL network and cable news. You’ll feel better, I promise. I stopped watching FOX two days ago and my BP is down 500 points.

  7. @ Bad Brad – Agree, I stopped watching TV, and news, ten years ago maybe?

    Baseball is about it.

    Your BP will go down even further!


  8. Putin knows that he can not afford to get caught on the wrong side of history on this one. The Helsinki press conference was ment to prepare the the battlefield. The press took the bait and the trap is sprung.

  9. ghost of col j glover

    The Russia crap coverage on FOX pushed me over the edge. I haven’t watched any of it for about 36 hours and I’m a lot less angry. What we are watching happen here is Bloggers become the real journalists. I read tonight Team Trump officially announced they will no longer take any questions from cnn.

  10. Lawrence, you big mope, you can say “deep shit” here. Stop being such a prissy troll. And take off that bow tie. You look like George Will, for god’s sake.

    And yes, do lay off the TV.

  11. Being useful idiots. A mix of some knowingly others naively.

    It could be great entertainment if Trump’s State Department interpreter is forced to testify to Congressional demonrats about what happened and what was said during the private meeting.

    And the take away summary was that Putin presented Trump with large covered platter with all of their azzes on it. Along with several other now familiar names. Then refused to give any farther details. The reaction would be like turning on the light in a roach infested house.

  12. Dems: “Subpoena the interpreter! We want to know what they really talked about!”

    Interpreter: “I’d be happy to help. What would you like —“

    Dems: “— never mind…”

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