What are the odds? Mohamed is the name of the Nice terrorist

Nice terrorist is NAMED as French-Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, who killed 84 including 10 children when he drove truck through crowds for a mile before opening fire on Bastille Day

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President Francois Hollande extends state of emergency, says he might give up his 11,000 a month haircuts.

30 Comments on What are the odds? Mohamed is the name of the Nice terrorist

  1. Now there’s a questionable headline!!
    Here’s a better one:
    “Mohamed is the name of the sick-twisted, mindless, murdering, bastard-ass, muzzi iSlamonazi yelling allahu akbar driving a truck-load of fundamental iSlam into a crowd of innocent men, women and children!”

  2. May I suggest during the next Hajj, when Mecca is packed with filthy Muslim pigs, that we carpet bomb the area to fuck and back so nothing remains… They want to fuck during our celebrations, let’s fuck with theirs.

  3. To Abigail Adams

    Oh yes, there *are* words for it:
    typical muslim barbarian, who follows the commands of islam.

  4. “What are the odds? Mohamed is the name of the fill-in-the-blank terrorist”

    Save that headline. There will always be a next time.

  5. 9:5

    http://www.thereligionofpeace.com makes it on Drudge. I have never seen the link there, but maybe they have in the past. Hopefully people will go there and see Islam for what it is.

    I used to visit the site often, but it became too depresing, so I rarely visit.

    May God bless the victims and their families.

  6. Let’s see. I’d say by Sunday the WAPO or NYT will have a front page article on how Muslims are worried about the phantom backlash they always fear when one of their own ruins yet another part of civilized life.

  7. P.S. – I hear that in France it’s easier to get a semi-trailer truck than it is to get a semi-automatic assault rifle murder stick. Or even a fully automatic guillotine.

    For the Louvre of Allah, I say it’s time for these killer Vans to Gogh!


  8. I urge you all to read this eye-opening FrontPageMag article from 2008 to understand the Muslim threat and see why the media is hiding the truth of that ideological movement from us.

    There is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim” because terrorists are the re-creation of raping, murdering, enslaving Mohammed who they worship as “perfect being”. To denounce terrorists is to denounce their entire religion.

  9. Ohh nooooo! His name was “Mohammed”?!?!?! He was MUSLIM?!?!?! I thought he might have been an Austrian Catholic, or a Swedish Lutheran, or a Japanese Shintoist, or a New Zealander agnostic!!! Who’d a thunk it??? ;^)

  10. @A Swing and a Miss: Never said he wasn’t. But I do believe he does have some pictures in the Louvre, and I’m not about to let a good pun go to waste over a trivial matter such as his nationality. Think European Union here, man! No borders, and all that.


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