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  1. “…the adjacent room was his “personal library.”

    …How big of a room does he NEED to store his vintage ’70s porn movies, Playboy magazines, child rape photos, and the Little Golden Book collection he uses to lure children but are also the highest level of his own reading comprehension?

    Pedo McBiteme ain’t reading any classified information. No pornographic pictures to interest him. The only reason he’d have them is for the reading pleasure of visitors we STILL haven’t seen the logs of, and Hunter Biden’s smack pushers…

  2. We’re only seeing what hasn’t been sold to the Chicoms yet.

  3. “The biggest problem with the Joe Biden documents story is that we know only what Joe Biden’s lawyers have told us. And that is just the way Biden wants it.”
    And that is just the way biden’s handlers want it.
    Just like every scandal that affects the demo-commie bastards, they trickle out only what they feel you need to know so they can maneuver the situation to the best scenario they can create.

  4. They’re trying to keep this leaky faucet down to the slowest drips possible.

  5. Do they really need to ‘tell’ us anything we don”t already know??????

  6. They already admitted that he broke the law. Prosecute.

  7. They thrive on what they DON’T tell us.

    No doubt it would scare the shit out of the average person.

  8. In other news, a popcorn shortage appeared suddenly, experts baffled. Film at 11.

  9. CHI-na was the Ukraine before the Ukraine was cool.

  10. Joe Biden can’t remember when he last had his diaper changed, he sure doesn’t know where he hid classified documents.

  11. We will only hear what they want us to hear
    Nothing to see/hear here

  12. I’m so sick of this goof, he’s been president for 9 years, isn’t it past his term? Well it sure feels like it anyway.

  13. And why are no republicans asking the most obvious question: Why are Joe’s attorneys allowed to do the searching, unaccompanied by anyone from the FBI, DOJ, Capitol Police, or any other authority? Yeah, I know, they are all compromised, but at least TRY to make it look “above board “.

  14. It’s called cooperating. Something Trump & his lawyers failed to do. For 2 years The Archives asked for Documents Trump had. Trump was ratted out by an insider snitch that he was in possession of documents, hence the raid.

  15. It’s just a bigass squirrel to waste the time of the GOP House and distract them from any possibility of being effective opposition to Democrats, or doing a deep dive into the J6 bullshit.

  16. I wonder whether those documents in Joe’s house – where Hunter lived and paid $49k monthly rent – might be the “expertise” he brought to Ukraine to earn his million dollar board position with Burisma.

  17. Someone said squirrel. Red dot? Look for white men shot during street robberies gone bad… where nothing is taken. Or, possibly sudden onset of depression and two to the back of the head in the park. Maybe a feller takes mind to suicide, hangs himself from a tree and unloads a twelve gauge in his chest.

    If nothing comes up the party’s more likely running the program. It loses most of its zip if that’s the case.

    Just a little side action to look for.

  18. @Pogo January 16, 2023 at 6:13 pm

    > They’re trying to keep this leaky faucet down to the slowest drips possible.

    No. They’re giving you the “opportunity”. To scream “Thank you! May I have another?”. After throwing your wallet. But before you vote. Again.

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