Sarah Palin asks Hillary:


How could security allow him to get THIS close to her? Seriously, if this doesn’t do her in, then what in the world could ever derail the liberals campaign?



sarah palin questions hillary orlando killer


Palin raised a good point. What’s Hillary and the DNC’s answer for this?

And just in case you missed it, here’s Mateen holding up a sign for hillary:

mateen holds hillary sign



  1. Hillary wanted to have the Orlando jihadi’s wife there because women and stuff, but Noor has been…somewhat difficult to locate.

  2. If we’ve learned anything by now, Sarah, it’s going to take a lot more than that to bring that bitch down, but please keep trying.

  3. Yeah, that guy was really there. If you click on that photo, he’s being interviewed by a Florida reporter.

  4. Is it just me or is America being purposefully pushed from a Cold War to a hot war against one another? Obama would like nothing better than to declare martial law.
    We won’t give him the pleasure.

  5. Didn’t anyone else notice the muslim holding the ISIS “1” sign behind him?

    Lol.. There’s a whole lotta weaponized deceit and lies going on lately. And the DNC are the astoundingly stupid useful idiots in all of this.

    “..Because they rejected the truth that could save them, I will send them strong delusion so they can believe a lie..”

    Barry also covertly gave this salute in one of his muslim world meetings recently.

  6. And let’s see.. your dear son just succeeded in killing 49 and wounding 53 kafir in a horrendous terrorist attack. What are you gonna do? Ohh yeah, let’s go yuck it up at a Clinton support stop!

    Next- Disneyland!

  7. You don’t get to stand behind the candidate without an invitation.
    Hillary is silent on the matter. Democrat SNAFU !

  8. ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC Reporters to Hillary Clinton: “Do you denounce the anti-gay, pro-Taliban rhetoric of Seddique Mateen, and will you disavow his support of your campaign and return any financial contributions he has made?”

    Things That Will Never Happen.

  9. I hope Trump leaves this alone. This was done only to trap him. They want him to say something, whether it’s true, logical and appropriate doesn’t matter. They will hit him and keep the focus off of Hillary.

  10. First consideration in every current white house decision: will this help or hurt the islamic terror caliphate?
    Inviting that terror promoter to Hillary’s propaganda fest is a giant boost to the caliphate. They are drooling over this, no doubt.

  11. Claudia, I feel the same way.
    This shit is so off the charts Trump needs to let talk radio and any conservative media push this.
    The moment I heard about this I said “no fucking way!”
    “Has to be bullshit!”
    But it’s TRUE!!!

  12. @Moe Tom

    Hillary doesn’t let anyone near her. She is the most protected woman in the world. She still has her presidential spouse Secret Service, plus layers more. Anyone allowed that close to her leigeship was invited, positioned, vetted thoroughly, including cavity search.

    Her message was loud and clear- Muslims, I have your back, no matter what.

  13. Someone really needs to look into that yellow sign this asshole father unfurled in the news report.
    It reeks of Clinton production.

    *Makes the biggest investment since WWII
    *Good for national security
    *Ex CIA chief Morell “Hillary told the truth about Benghazi”
    *Gun control laws

    Seriously!!! WTF!!!
    You couldn’t come up with better democrat talking points!

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