What Color Is A Slave?

Almost One Million Irish Slaves At Risk Of Being Scrubbed From History

YNW: They came in the holds of overcrowded ships, packed in among cargo and animals, and those who survived the journey were bought and sold in chains to work as hard their owners chose. They were taken to the Carribean, to the American colonies, and beyond.  Sound familiar? But these forced immigrants, deprived of all personal freedom, were Irish slaves, and their servitude started long before black slavery was common.

The history of the Irish slaves has long been suppressed, and a modern movement of Irish slavery denial has even gained mainstream acceptance. Promoters of this toxic ideology claim that it is ‘racist’ to say the Irish were ever sold as slaves, as this ‘takes away’ from the black experience.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Slavery is slavery. Any person who is bought and sold, chained and abused, whether for a decade or a lifetime, deserves to be remembered, their tragic legacy respected.  MORE

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  1. Move over BLM, there are tons and tons of historic slaves that you have to share the victimization moniker with, throughout history. Though, seldom has a group wallowed in the past, as much as the BLM.

    Once free, most enjoy the freedom.

  2. Every cultural group has been the victim of chattel slavery in the past. It’s only a question of how far back you need to look. We all have ancestors who were slaves.

  3. Slavery has always been about economics and lust. It’s always been the result of martial or technological advantage of one group over another.

    It’s amazing to me that many people who recoil in horror at the sight of the Stars and Bars have no qualms doing business with and in Red China, the biggest slave regime in human history.

    Then there’s the inconvenient truth that the Romans enslaved folks regardless of color and the equally inconvenient truth that north African muslimes enslaved Europeans.

    No, no, it’s all about race and promoting servitude through eternal victim-hood. The race baiters like the POS in the White House are truly scum.

  4. anyone remember the novel “Captain Blood”? … or the movie, starring Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland? … didn’t think so
    … we used to know about this shit … within 3 generations the ‘progressives’ have wiped out truth & replaced it with hagiography, false narratives & outright lies

  5. Lazlo is Scots-Irish decent
    When everybody else was toting the book Roots around I had Leon Uris’ Trinity.
    Saddest book I have ever read

  6. I am a descendent of white slaves and indentured servants who gained their freedom. Today, through overbearing federal laws, regulations and taxation I am a nurtured, well cared for and policed slave of the state.

  7. irish here. my great grandmother was denied employment because she was irish. immigrated with husband and nine children. he died one year after arriving. she cleaned toilets, sewed, gave piano lessons, whatever she could to provide till her children could help.

    repeatedly she was told irish need not apply. her burden was never capitalized by offspring etc to get a handout. that was her life. remarkable strong happy woman.

  8. I also am a descendent of white slaves.
    My ancestors fleeing the northern slaveholders is the reason the west coast ended up with so many blond people.
    Ignorant northerners rub the South’s nose in slavery only to divert attention from the far larger slave trade they were engaged in.

  9. Those assholes who are always hollering “racism” don’t give a shit about the thousands of Christian women and young girls being captured, chained, sold, and traded by isis and boko haram. There is your real slavery in present time. You can’t change the past, do something about the present situation, or shut the fuck up about the past — you racist hypocrites.

  10. i am the descendant of those slaves…..and i can tell you, i still LOVE potatos….and beer….and barfights….and rainbows…

    how about we declare march – with st patrick’s day – IRISH HISTORY MONTH….

    LOL…….fat chance……….

    hitler is known to have followed england’s anti-irish laws, one step at a time, in his disenfranchisement of the jews……outlaw the language….outlaw the religion….outlaw inheritance rights…..outlaw jews (irish) from buying or selling their own property……

    everything hitler did to the jews, the english had already done to the irish……it is well known that hitler admired england, and hoped that they would take his side……which they would have done, were it not for that idiot Winston Churchill……

    but, in the 1600’s, the english did not have zyklon B or gas chambers…..what they DID have were malarial swamps……where they resettled all the irish they could……this is what’s known as the “potato famine” – relocate large numbers of people to an area that can’t possibly grow any kind of food, and then expect them to…..um……survive?…..overcome adversity?….”be the best they can be?”

    so, when a significant number of those who were relocated to uninhabitable swamps, decided to rebel……..


    i’m descended from those slaves…….why don’t i get reparations?

    why do “IRISH LIVES” not “MATTER?”…….

    oh yeah……because i’m whiter than white….i’m about as white as can be……..i might actually be whiter than julianne moore, who gets a pass for her whiteness by endorsing the “black lives matter” assholes, while traveling around the world with a bunch of very large – many large BLACK guys with very large guns to protect her from….um……..well, whoever…..probably leprechauns or gremlins, right?…

    so, naturally, I’M A RACIST……..

    i read an article by a college history professor, who routinely tests his freshman students on basic history……this is the first year that EVERY SINGLE STUDENT thought there was no slavery in the world until the United States INVENTED IT……..these kids really believe that slavery is EXCLUSIVELY AN AMERICAN THING, and no one ever had slaves before we did…….

    am i allowed to mention that every single culture on every single continent, from the beginning of recorded history, has had slavery?….am i still allowed to say things like “every culture, every where, has had slavery as part of their history, for some period of time….”…???……or am i supposed to pretend it was only when Southern Racists decided to buy and sell black people, that slavery suddenly appeared in the world?

    and even more important – am i allowed to mention that slavery still exists TODAY, in lots of places…..and am i allowed to mention that almost ALL of those places are MUSLIM places?

    because i don’t know what i’m allowed to say……..i KNOW what the TRUTH is, but i don’t know if i’m not allowed to say it out loud…..walking on eggshells is no way to live…..

    political correctness will KILL AMERICA……it is a terminal cancer that will eat us up from the inside out…….we don’t need chemo or radiation therapy…….we just need to speak the truth…….


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