What Do Democrats Fear in Donald Trump? Greatness

‘ Without worry or apology, Donald Trump stands before the world with a giant mirror, and the world does not like what it sees. ‘

American Thinker; By J.B. Shurk

James Carville says Trump is the greatest threat to America since the fall of communism.  It is easy to laugh away such a declaration, but I think there is an invaluable truth expressed.  Trump is as important in stature as the United States’ most formidable military and political opponent of the twentieth century.  Trumpism as an ideological force has the mass and acceleration of a Soviet Empire that threatened to conquer the world.  Nobody speaks about the Bush Doctrine in such terms.  Nobody confuses the Obama Doctrine or the Carter Doctrine as projecting that kind of power.  Yet here we are, just three years after the election, and somehow the belittled and mocked hotel owner from Queens has stumbled into creating a movement that matches in strength and potency what took Marx, Lenin, and Stalin over a century to perfect.  Consider the fear that Carville and his ilk must harbor about what is to come.

What does he see that makes him tremble so?  In a word, greatness.

How could he not?  When you see a man being endlessly ridiculed and scorned brush off those insults with ease and smile back, you know something is different.  When you watch a 6’3″ sack of energy bustling across the stage four or more times a day in suit and tie before tens of thousands of spectators watching his every move, and he seems more rested and comfortable than the press gallery a third his age, you know you haven’t seen this before.  When his enemies spend years using the combined forces of corporate media, the legal system, and the intelligence agencies to dispose of him one way or another, and the man responds with an off-the-cuff one-liner that shows he could not care less, you know you are dealing with something rare. read more

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  1. Trump is exposing MASSIVE corruption and treason: he’s shown the whole government/media/education complex has been set up to steal from us. It’s that simple.

    Executions are in order.

  2. I remember listening to his Inauguration Speech and thinking this ain’t like any other Inauguration Speech I’ve ever listened to before. Short and sweet and essentially telling the swamp it’s heydays were over.

    He’s been on a tear ever since.

    They’ve thrown everything at him and they’ve gotten themselves in even deeper. His second term is going to make his accomplishments so far look like a walk in the park.

    Buckle up buttercups, we’ll never see this again. Scott Adams put it best, “I’m already bored with whoever is the next president.”

  3. It’s bad enough (to them) that Trump is undoing chunks of Obama’s legacy. Worse, he’s also dwarfing Obama himself, making Obama look like the petty, incompetent, lying empty suit puppet he was JUST BY CONTRAST of Trump being a good President.

    IOW, Trump is not only erasing Obama’s legacy, he’s also obscuring the puppet king himself. Media BS about the glorious black messiah that everyone should love and obey don’t work anymore. Along came a relatively unrefined man who people actually like, if even grudgingly, and it reinforces the fact that nobody except greedy morons ever genuinely liked Obama, much less knew and trusted him. They feel that they know Trump now, so they trust him.

    So the ex-POTUS increasingly appears as nothing next to ours, is increasingly forgotten, AND THE LEFT CAN’T STOP IT.

    That’s what *really* gets to them.

  4. All that energy and work they put into backing and flacking for Obama. Everything they invested in him…and it’s all coming apart before their eyes, completely beyond their ability to prevent. It’s a blast to know what agony and uselessness they must feel.

    But you know what’s dangerous? When Trump is out of office, they’ll try again with another puppet like Obama. They’ll just clone him, so to speak. I hope enough people have learned from last time.

  5. I’d say that President Trump represents the ideal of what was meant by citizen representative. He came to Washington as a private citizen to serve the public and not to enrich himself. That is exactly what the original intention was.
    He is a glaring reminder of how it’s supposed to be and that has laid bare those in both parties who’ve used their positions to further their own selfish ends.
    He is an extremely rare example of what we should expect from all of those we vote for. Yeah, they’re nervous.

  6. So what we need is to start NOW at building up men who aren’t necessarily perfect (who is?) but who can weather the media storm by demonstrable and verifiable love of the country; men who will put the Constitution first, not a career. At best we have four more years of Trump. We need to plan ahead because you know the Left already is.

  7. How does Mary stay with James? How does Kellyanne stay with George? Both marriages are Catholic, though, so that might have something to do with it.

  8. Will the future question be:

    “What did you do in the war against the orange man, daddy?”
    “when did you know President Trump was great?”

  9. gin blossom – If only that confidence could be bottled and offered to the general public.

    It is and it’s on sale in November!!

  10. “People shouldn’t live in fear of their government. Government should live in fear of its people. ”

    Line from V for Vendetta, of all places.

  11. @gin blossom-
    “ He came to Washington as a private citizen to serve the public and not to enrich himself.”

    I cannot tell you how many times I have heard or read liberals throwing this stupid accusation at him.
    They completely discount the inarguably huge success of the man throughout the 70’s on.
    My opinion is that they have seen politicians enrich themselves so many times that it’s their knee jerk reaction to anyone they perceive as an enemy to their doctrine.
    It remains clearly evident that this man does not need the aggravation, nor the enrichment.
    Along with millions of us who watched the degradation of this country for decades, he decided to step up and actually DO something about it before he gets on in years.
    Simple as that.
    And we’re grateful that he did.

  12. I am thrilled that I am witnessing an American President with such courage and so many brilliant ideas. The bar has been set very high, and I hope we will never settle for less again.


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