What Does a Cruz Path To Victory Look Like? The Math and the Science

At present, Trump has a 100 delegate lead over Cruz. Here is where things stand:

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  1. If any of that steaming pile of b.s. were actually true the establishment-globalists (you know the ones actually in control of all the candidates except Trump) would have ditched Rubio and Kashich a long time ago.

  2. I think there is a chance for a Cruz victory.
    And the man with the most delegates should be the nominee, and I’ll support that candidate in every way I can in order to defeat Hillary or Bernie.

  3. @Pbunyan, on the other hand it could well be the Trump is encouraging and supporting both of them to stay in the race. I don’t believe Cruz is a candidate of the backroom boys of the GOP and are probably just as scared of him as they are of Trump. Remember that Trump has self-described himself as the master of the deal.

  4. I like the “burning dumpsters” visual aid comment. That’s being kind and truthful in addressing those two clowns who don’t know their circus has already ended.

    I can understand the candidates well enough, but it helps when somebody explains the electoral process in such a logical manner.

    I would like it a lot better if they only counted the votes. And if they gave each voter a “ticket stub” from their ballot so that they could check a big list and make sure that their vote had actually been counted. I believe that would have kept 0bama from forcing his way through the white house door on us.

  5. WI is an open primary, can’t see Cruz winning with all the ‘moderate independents’ wanting Trump. Thankfully, Brewer’s opening day is on the 4th.

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