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What Ever You Do, Don’t Touch Amy Schumer

According to Mcafee, Amy Schumer is the worst celebrity to search online.  Internet criminals have loaded up sites featuring Schumer with all kinds of malware just waiting for an unsuspecting victim to click on.

There’s a 16 percent chance that if you click on her name you’ll pick up some kind of nasty computer bug.  The risk goes up to 30 percent for those looking for a torrent file of one of her performances.


MacAfee’s list of Most Dangerous Celebrities for 2016 Here

16 Comments on What Ever You Do, Don’t Touch Amy Schumer

  1. OK, I shouldn’t search for much less watch performances of this putrid self-proclaimed comic. That will be easy. In fact, that won’t take any effort at all.

  2. I forget who she is…. if I ever knew. But I had to scan the list and make sure that Charlotte McKinney wasn’t on it. Every now and then I need a shot of candy.

  3. I can see a high probability that the malware is from the good side of humanity.

    The only people searching for her are low-lifes deserving of all the grief that comes their way.

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