What goes around, comes around… IN REALITY! @Mr_Pinko

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8 Comments on What goes around, comes around… IN REALITY! @Mr_Pinko

  1. Five of the dead are hispanics from another country. Brilliant, Latin Victory Fund. You’ve shot yourselves in every possible appendage. Even the head. No, wait that was taken care of by the lord’s 2×4. Take heed.

  2. Schumer should be tied to every demonrat running for senate in 2018 saying if you vote for blank, you are voting for Cock Scummer to take control of the Senate.

    “Cock Scummer is a dirty, anti American, fake jew scumbag from New York that hates your guts and loves muslim terrorists. Cock Scummer wants terrorists to kill your kids, rape your wives and duaughters, and to live in your towns. Dont let Cock Scummer ruin your life, vote for blank”.

  3. Turnaround is fair play.
    (How do you say that in ‘Surrender Monkey’ so Schumer will understand it?)

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