What Happened to Honor Among America’s Military Leaders?

American Thinker

By Steve McCann

America’s top military leaders have thrust themselves into the national spotlight by their overt politization and cowardly acquiescence to the radicalized Democrat Party.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, in Congressional testimony, defended the teaching and promotion of Marxist based Critical Race Theory throughout the military.  He also linked what he categorized as rampant “White Rage” to the 75+million supporters of President Trump.  The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Gilday, defended the Navy-wide dissemination of an anti-White virulently racist screed.

Further, the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, ordered a purge throughout the military of those he considers “extremists” (i.e., the supporters of President Trump) while tacitly agreeing with Joe Biden that the most lethal threat to America is domestic violent extremism, in other words, the untold millions of “White” people that supposedly advocate nearly non-existent “white supremacy”. 

Beyond the pandering to the radicalized Democrat party is the sheer folly of deliberately defaming and alienating an entire segment of the population.  One that currently accounts for nearly 60% of all active service members. As among the tenets of Critical Race Theory is the proposition that all White people are inherently and irredeemably racist.  Thus, they are predisposed to racial violence and domestic terrorism. 

The generals and admirals who cannot bring never-ending wars to a close, in their self-serving scramble up the ladder, have chosen to ignore the fact that the U.S. military is dependent on volunteers and that operational readiness is their primary mission.  What will they do when the enlistment and re-enlistment rates inevitably crater as they continue to force feed anti-American indoctrination on those in the active military?  What will they do when they are given a command to set upon or isolate American civilians under the pretext of domestic terrorism?  Or told to use their offices and advanced technology to surveil certain segments of society on behalf of “Big Brother”? 

Will they, as generals and admirals have done in the past, refuse to carry out unlawful and unconstitutional orders and resign?  Or will they, in order to protect their exalted positions, acquiesce to the demands of their masters in the hierarchy of the Democrat party? more here

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  1. They honor their next political appointment and pay raise. The cheap whores will echo whatever power structure they believe to be in control. .

  2. Not only will, “The cheap whores will echo whatever power structure they believe to be in control”, but they will fight the Patriots that are America First!! We are in a really bad spot.

  3. in case some of us have missed it … we’ve been appointing ‘political’ generals since at least the Mexican War, & in particular, the Civil War

    Lincoln finally figured it out & appointed generals that understood objective instead of political ‘expediency’

    btw, Horatio Gates … ’nuff said

  4. Two of my sons left the Navy as soon as Obama was elected because they knew what was coming. Many of their Navy friends left, too. It wasn’t long before it was very difficult for a white male to even join the Navy as recruiters were told to sign up as many Hispanic and black women as possible. White males were told there were no slots available for them in the Navy. I served with many capable and patriotic black airmen when I served, but this kind of racial BS sucks. The Navy should recruit the best people possible, no matter their race.

  5. Obamination purged as many top military leaders and began what president no brain’s puppeteers are finishing up.

    I can’t even imagine how the often cited AF regulation 35-10 faired.

    Oh, just read this t: https://www.quora.com

    “ What year did the U.S. Air Force change from afi 35-10 to afi 36-2903? Why did they change their regulation?

    Why? Because Merrill McPeak, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force liked to change things. All manner of things, and for reasons ranging from obscure to frivolous. He decided to replace the entire library of Air Force Regulations with a semi-equivalent library of Air Force Instructions. This immediately rendered the deep corporate knowledge of the officer corps and the NCO corps obsolete, and it also created tremendous confusion about whether the requirements stated in the publications were actually requirements or merely suggestions.

    General Merrill McPeak was an unmitigated disaster for the Air Force and is still an embarrassment when he speaks or appears publicly.“

  6. Hey com’on man, there is a lot of honor among thieves, military hacks, con men, ‘general fuckups’, traitors, race baiters and charlatans’!


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