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What happens when a woman leaves the Left?

FrontPage: David Horowitz, David Mamet, and Jon Voight are among the famous one-time leftists who underwent a conversion to political conservatism. In that sense, I am like them – I am also a former leftist. In another sense, I am different. I’m a woman.

When one changes from leftwing to rightwing, one encounters some bumps in the road. Some of those bumps are different for women. We face different social challenges, and we need different products.

My passion for politics and addiction to current events has always marked me as different from my female peers. My mother and older sister, though, were also political junkies. My mother took me to my first Washington, DC protest rally. Having political mentors protected me from my more classically feminine peers’ contempt for politics. Being the lone girl in the all-night political discussion has its perks. I never dated the captain of the football team; I went with the guy who had a copy of the Communist Manifesto in his back pocket.  more

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  1. I’m a guy. I haven’t a clue what this is about.
    A guy’s position would be – if you don’t agree with me and don’t want to even consider my perspective – Adios!
    The sooner these converts completely separate themselves from the intolerant left the happier they will be in the new freedom they have found. I know that I am.

  2. Also – the further from them you are when TSHTF the safer you will be. If the left is sinking they will drag you down with them. If the left is rising they will turn you in as a traitor in a heartbeat.

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  4. On her claim that Communism doesn’t work: It does work.

    Communism is a highly successful marketing and PR campaign to garner support from the naive, and the foolish, and the ignorant, and the insane – for a totalitarian police state. Of course, the useful fools that climb onto the Communist band wagon don’t generally realize that until it’s too late – and, having served their purpose, they are either being lined up and shot or shipped off to labor camps in Siberia, usually by the hard-core criminals the new ‘Communist’ totalitarian police state is replacing those ‘true believers’ with.

    Since, once they realize they were being lied to and used, the Communist ‘true believers’ generally become the strongest opponents of the police state they helped bring into being – as the Communist myth, used to recruit useful fools, and the actual reality of the Communist totalitarian police state, have little or nothing in common.

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