What Happens When You Don’t Lock the Amazon Truck in a “Blue Neighborhood”?

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  1. That’s a cool idea. Leave a truck parked in the hood, let everyone steal the boxes.

    When they get home and open them, they’re all filled with job applications.

  2. Hoe Hoe & Mo Hoes.

    Marry Chrissmuss Honkie Mutha Fuckka!

  3. Real neighborly of Amazon to take the booty to the thieves rather than making the thieves go all the way to the booty!

  4. Like demonic locust.They gleaned that van.
    They get bolder every day now.Where will it
    all end ??? When will they come to your house or
    mine ??? How long can you hold them off ?? Like
    after all your doors and windows are smashed out
    and the roof is on fire…..

  5. Wish the Amazon driver had unloaded a few mags into the miscreants.

    Would LOVE to hear the “woketards” at Amazon DEFEND those who rob their vehicles & threaten their employees. 🤪🤪🤪

  6. Bob M.
    JUNE 27, 2021 AT 8:23 PM

    “Would LOVE to hear the “woketards” at Amazon DEFEND those who rob their vehicles & threaten their employees.”

    “Reparations”, they’ll say, as they charge the honest more to make up for it…

  7. Ann Nonymous Prime
    JUNE 27, 2021 AT 8:31 PM
    “Looks like a swarm of ants around spilled sugar. Where’s the can of Raid?”

    …put an American flag on it and they’d be too busy kneeling to raid.

    …of course, it would never happen,since Bezos would never ALLOW an American flag…

  8. Joe, if I gave them all that, they’d just use them as weapons.

    And, on a semi-related note….. fellas, did you all already know about the seductive power of….. a tool belt?

    No idea that was a turn on until I put mine on to do some house junk.

    Tool belt. Go figure.

  9. I can’t for the life of me see the problem here. Don’t you all understand these oppressed people are entitled to everything in that van?

  10. I agree, 66. Perhaps they were all chipping in and helping the poor, overworked delivery driver….

  11. And…when Amazon drivers refuse to go into certain neighborhoods, they will be labeled “racists”.

  12. And if you don’t already have a tool belt, DO NOT BUY A NEW ONE. Go to the 2nd hand store and get one that looks like it’s been used.

  13. Wow. End-times activity.

    I’ve maybe felt 1/20 of that kind of pressure with my truck in public, yet I stay armed for that relatively little pressure I perceive.

    My truck, and all it’s contents, is my life. I’m going to defend it. You are threatening my livelihood, darn tootin’ I’m going to shut you down.

  14. I have seen an “accident” that stopped traffic with a delivery tractor trailer caught up in it in downtown Atlanta. Ray-Ray has a bolt cutter to take care of the lock. Two guys hold the doors open and everything that can be unloaded by hand was out of the truck in less than 5 minutes. Once emptied the doors were closed and the accident cleared. It was the same type neighborhood.

  15. And if you have to buy a new tool belt, or a holster, or any like that, throw it in a small cement mixer. You don’t want to go too long, get it out, hit it with a pressure washer, give it a couple more minutes in the mixer, rinse, oil it, and you might look like you’ve been there before.

  16. Tsquared JUNE 27, 2021 AT 9:15 PM:They pop the gladhands at stop lights.Drivers where I worked made Detroit runs and the police told drivers not to stop unless absolutely necessary.

  17. If you notice the time stamp at the end, the entire truck was emptied in 1:56.
    – Less that two minutes!
    Remember that next time you pick “that line” at the store where it takes ten minutes for the person in front of you to check out.
    – Do you look at who’s doing the checkout BEFORE you get into line?

  18. Explaining how to “age” leather products makes you an idiot…maybe a phony idiot…explains a lot…

    It’s kinda like breaking in a baseball mitt when you never played the game and don’t know why you broke n the mitt…

  19. When I made deliveries to Hunt’s Point, Bronx, NY in my yute, there was a group of didonuffins that had a loading dock on the hood of a big old Caddy.
    They’d pull up behind you, open the doors, and have a couple of pallets of produce off faster than you can say “Laquishadonato”.

  20. Willy, you are just like a hard headed, stubborn women. I love my wife, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me, but in almost 40 years I can’t get her to tighten the lid on something that goes back in the refrigerator. Just now, I’m cleaning up he kitchen, I open the refrigerator and a bottle of Perrier has been dripping all over. So you, I’ve done nothing but be a decent guy, but you take shots for no good reason. Maybe it’s fun for you, but I swear I’m trying to clean up your mess and not alienate you. Just wait, one day we will sit down, have a first class dinner and you will still say joe6pak is a jackass. I can live with that.

  21. Geoff, this is unbelievable, isn’t it!! At this point I’m looking to set unbreakable records. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

  22. I have read most if not all of the Willy/Brad/Joe exchanges, and I can say that Willy, you initiate, unprovoked, most of them. You clearly have a hard-on for Brad, and I can clearly say that you are a fucking asshole. So go ahead and take me on too.

  23. Willy used to come across as a stand-up guy… but this nonsense is too much.

    It reminds of some guys I used to work with. I was friends with both of them, and they were friends. They used to talk guitars, and music, and wives and children, and had a good time together.

    But Alan was Chip’s boss, and Alan got an ass-chewing from the EIC about some minor shit Chip did. Alan and Chip were mortal enemies from there on out.

    I always thought it was sad.

    That same EIC had chewed my ass many times and I told him to fuck off. We got along just fine, even with that nonsense. Alan had even chewed my ass a few times, and the second time I told him to get the fuck out of my office and eat shit. We are still friends.

    I understand tense shit in the workplace.

    I don’t quite understand it here.

  24. Hey Joe6pak…reread your previous posts. You’ve called me an idiot and just now you compared me to your wife’s flaws….Yes, you are a jackass….

  25. Willy, you are one thin skinned son of a gun! Have you never had someone jerk your chain before? Hell, if I carried a grudge like you do I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to.

  26. Just sayen, I know I can be an asshole. But right now in our current predicament, I only want to focus on how the hell we get out of this mess. The Republic is on thin ice. That’s all I want to discuss. Period, end of story. I have no time for high school shit.

  27. Sweet mother of monkey butt island…..

    …it’s a tool belt. How did I instigate the Apocalypse….again?

  28. That’s what I like, you can say something perfectly logical, and before you know it, it goes completely sideways. What’s not to like about that?

  29. This was supposed to be where you boomers passed along some wisdom.

    “Oh sure kid, ladies like a man in a tool belt, you know what else drives em’ wild?….(insert unknown wisdom here)”

    Maybe the tool belt drives the fellas wild too. I had no idea I was unleashing such power when I put on the tool belt.

    Also, the fudge do tool belts come from? Is it just a guy thing that appears when you come of age? Never bought one. Just have a few. Could not give you an origin story on either.

    I have THOUSANDS of dollars worth of tools in the workshop ….ladies think the 20 dollar tool belt is sexy.

    Go figure

  30. “yea blame it on willy“, what are you talking about? Willy deserves credit. One uncalled for statement has generated a conversation. We need some more morons to step up.

  31. Wow. The lady in blue got her purse snatched at 1:54 (bottom of screen). Truly a feeding frenzy

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    Blacks were still living in the Stone Age when Whites discovered them just 400 years ago.

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    Simply, life is an IQ test.

  33. Use to have a Moving and Storage company in a cery Blue area of a very Blu state.

    Typivally we would loaf our truck with the client’s items and then follow the client to the delivery address/new home.

    One day one client wanted to “stop by the dump” to get rid of his garbage. I tild him, “We’ll get rid of it for you.” I kept boxes on my truck for just such porposes. They were the boxes new television sets came in. So we put his garbage in a television box, taped it up and sat it close to the rear of our truck. When we were about to leave the client asked if we forgot the box. I told him,”Just follow me once around the block.” Off we went around the block and yes, you guessed it, the box was gone. Self disposing garbage.

  34. Sorry about the typos. As you can see I can’t type all that well. Something I brought home from Vietnam.


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