What If Oprah Became President?

Let’s say the left gets the candidate of their collective dreams, Oprah Winfrey, and she’s able to overcome all the strikes against her and is elected president in 2020.

How should we expect the opposition treat her?







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  1. Winfrey/Sanders….The Bus will smell like Fromunda Cheese and

    Nursing Home Pee….

    (Interesting article by the way, it would be lost on yer

    average Libtard though)

  2. The MSM should treat her just like Trump, not a pol, never held office before, a political dunce, no foreign policy experience, just an entertainer/celebrity, etc…

  3. I can remember being astonished when several of my Democrat friends told me how they viewed Barack Obama as the perfect candidate; one that they had been waiting for all their lives. Oprah Winfrey wouldn’t appeal to these people as much as Obama did, but they would support her as the Anti-Trump. She could overcome her television roots and her lack of political experience just as easily as Trump managed to. Crazier things have happened as recently as 2016. The question is could she defeat her Democrat rivals? If she starts running too soon, she will fade in the distance. I could actually see her doing something after the 2018 midterm elections. She might even appear to be a more moderate candidate than the loonies that have led the party to destruction. If she does run and gets elected, I am leaving for Tasmania.

  4. She would over turn every Trump accomplishment with an executive order, then go groveling before the U.N. and every dictator on earth. Massive reparations to blacks and nothing but blacks and commies in the WH and Supreme Court.

  5. Fat- Nappy headed jokes, and that’s just Steadman and Gayle….then ya got the lesbian angle….they almost write themselves. For goodness sakes you then have Dr. Phil, the other doctor and ELLEN….’The Color Purple Taco?’ it’s endless…..LOL….

  6. Oprah as president would be the continuation of an Obama presidency with heavy emphasis on liberal white guilt and feminist rot gut policies.

  7. After her official pronouncement that Øbama’s long association with Reverend Wright’s church – the one Oprah herself left because “was never comfortable with the tone of Wright’s more incendiary sermons” – wasn’t really a problem, I always regarded the Big O as “The Horse He Rode In On”.

    I don’t think any more of her than I do him.

  8. Well what would her “O” look like? Has to be different than Barry’s. Does she go with “OW”? How about the “Big O” or the “Real O”? What about “POW”?

  9. Just like Trump, Oprah could bring in a pre-seasoned team of political experts. After she ascends.

    I wonder if Valerie Jarret might be willing to tear herself away from the private sector… oh, who am I kidding?

  10. We are now officially in Bizarro World.
    Oprahbis just this week’s joke meme. A parody shtick.

    Every news item now is straight from The Onion.

    After 8 years of a gay mulatto ineligible Marxist Muslim, an obese talkshow host seems almost plausible.

  11. “The MSM should treat her just like Trump, not a pol, never held office before, a political dunce, no foreign policy experience, just an entertainer/celebrity, etc…”

    Sorta like they did Obola?

    The guy handed out basketballs, blowjobs, he was a “commun[ist]ity organizer, had no foreign policy experience, his “wife” was a bag man … and he’s a fukkin dunce.

    They’d treat her like the second coming of Obola.
    (which she would be)

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Okra Winfrey will never become President! She won’t even run! The Donald, shortly after he signs the comprehensive amnesty bill (which will not eliminate chain migration, anchor babies, worker Visas or include the wall), will switch parties and become a Democrat and reap the benefits of both democrat and the newly minted citizen’s votes! Trump will get another term and we will get screwed!

  13. She would never make it through the primaries because every dem running against her would be ‘racist’ and it’s guaranteed she would do nothing but talk about herself, her dogs (including stedmon) and then start crying as she’s talking about her child hood, instead of answering what she would do with China, the middle east, FGM, IRS, CIA, FBI, YMCA, ATF, NRA, NASA, TMI, etc. She’s a one-trick pony. Never happen.

    And for the left to say that Trump’s just an entertainer, too. Spare me. Go back and look at when he was interviewed by, yeah you guessed it, OPRAH. How he was talking about China, US oil, business, all of that. Oprah never could keep up with that shit. Her most profound statement to him was, “Sounds like you’re running for president” *yuck yuck*
    Yes, bitch. He did. And he did, and he IS.
    As the brilliant Pamela Anderson Lee would say, “Suck it!”

  14. Everybody talks nice about a potential Oprah Preezy because they either don’t want to be on record laughing at the idea, or they don’t want to be called a racist sexist. The Sandernistas must be silently grinding their teeth in rage right now.

  15. If Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks and George Clooney and Gwyneth Paltrow and Sean Penn are backing Oprah, how can we not get on board the campaign of the Second Most Qualified Woman to ever run for President of the United States of America? As I recall, Oprah lost some of her white women viewers with her slathering endorsement of Obama. Tom Cruise jumping on the furniture over another arranged straight marriage would be an entertaining distraction from the Russian invasion of the Baltic States.

  16. If she is president and some other woman is vice….OMG!!!
    Imagine when their menstrual cycles sync… Their aids will have to hide the nuke button for a week every month.

  17. Hey Larry, I thought it was going to be Oprah/Hanks. There’s a lot of good potential tickets, Oprah/Bono, Oprah/Reiner, Oprah/Grey Beaver, Oprah/Madonna. I’d move to Canada but Castro’s son will probably still be in charge.

  18. Maybe some Yale psychiatrist would diagnose Oprah’s mental illness that renders her unable to stop shoving food down her gullet despite her morbid obesity.

  19. I for one will not sit quietly for 4, or God forbid, 8 years of a looney leftist. We have to treat the left as they treat us only worse.

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