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What in Allah’s Bathroom Does This Have To Do With Anything?

Menderman sends this in. It’s some Muslim dude with a sign saying he’s labeled a terrorist. “I trust you, do you trust me? Give me a hug.”

He’s blindfolded.

Morons hug him.

I guess the Muslim problem is over. We just needed  to hug it out.


Let’s take a Jew and put him on the street in Syria, blindfolded, asking for hugs. Hell, put a Christian there. Double hell, lets put THIS GUY there with a sign saying he was hugging infidels.

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  1. I saw a great shirt at a gun store today. It had the outline of the USA on it. Big letters at the top. “We are full”.
    Smaller letters on the bottom “Fuck Off”.

  2. Maybe I’m a little crotchety but it makes me want to walk up to him and say, “I don’t trust you, I think you’re a terrorist and I think the bags your signs are propped against contain bombs”..That would be right before I tried to crack his skull open with my fist, and as I was walking away I would be muttering “it’s a mistake to trust people you don’t know and can’t see”.

  3. This is the point in time that I give up with the left, humanities, Such morons! He will keeel them tomorrow!

  4. There’s some bullshit in the goat fucker book of crap koran that says something about if you don’t see it then it didn’t happen, if you don’t own it you can touch it (pork) and whatnot, so yeah there’s a reason he’s blindfolded. DEATH TO ISLAM

  5. That guy is probably infested with head and body lice.

    Get some RID around the corner at Walgreens, you freaks.

  6. You need to edit that video to where he blows some ignorant democrat to bits. (I know, redundant.)

    Or perhaps do a video with a pressure cooker and some IED devices attached to his vest.

    I love how it says “speechless.”
    Hmmm, so are 120+ people in Paris last Friday…

  7. I am going to get me a couple signs like this douche.

    “I am a white male christian.”

    “I am labeled privileged, racist, homophobic, trans-phobic, misogynist, and bigoted.”

    “Please come take my tax dollars, insult me, slap me, take my guns, and demonize me every fucking minute of the day.”

  8. I would lean in to his ear and say to him, “Islam is a death cult and the world won’t be safe until it’s is eradicated. Aloha Snackbar!”

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