What is a socialist?


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  1. Socialism/communism is and always be based on envy of someone else having a little more than you do. The bigger problem is those in charge will control who gets what and how much and if you’re a friend of their worldview you just might get a few more scraps, otherwise you’re SOL. It’s also a Christian heresy turning giving and receiving of goods and services upside down.

  2. George Bernard Shaw was a eugenicist who believed in the abolition of the Constitution. He was a monster. Big Fur, love ya but, c’mon not the best guy to cite. Jus’ sayin’

  3. @Bob Frapples didn’t mention that this prick was a founding member of the Fabian Socialist.

    He honestly believed that people should justify their very existence to him and his cabal.

    Those who couldn’t prove they “produced” more than they “consumed” were to be eliminated!

    In fact, it was this monster that asked scientist for a “humane” way of disposing of the undesirables, suggesting that perhaps they could invent a gas that would kill quickly.

    Do the research…the NAZI’s did NOT invent the gas chambers that killed millions.

    This evil incarnate known as George Bernhard Shaw did!

    Why the FUCK are you quoting this monster?

  4. That does not describe a Socialist at all.
    There are two types that make up Socialism.
    The lazy fools that want life handed to them, and the con artists that use those fools to enrich themselves.
    That is why Socialist/Communist countries have no middle class. just the rich and the poor.

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