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What is… a Woman for $1000?


Amy Schneider makes Jeopardy history as first out transgender contestant to qualify for Tournament of Champions

A new kind of history was just made on Jeopardy.

On Tuesday night’s show, contestant Amy Schneider became the first openly transgender contestant to qualify for the show’s special “Tournament of Champions.” The history-making moment came after Schneider won five consecutive games and claimed the title of 10-day champion with a total of $380,200.

While Schneider is not the first trans contestant to become a champion on the show, she’s the first contestant to make it to the highest level of the competition. While speaking to Jeopardy‘s Jimmy McGuire in a Winner’s Circle interview following the show, she revealed that as a child growing up in the Midwest in a conservative family, a trans comedian named Natasha Muse — who she became aware of when she moved to San Fransisco — inspired her to embrace her trans identity and pursue competing in the show she’s been a lifelong fan of.


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  1. It “revealed that as a child growing up in the Midwest in a conservative family…”. A slap to “Mom and apple pie”. Then it moved to S. F. No liberalism there.

    God said, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart there from.” (Proverbs 22:6) That is why the prevs want access to Kindergarteners-to train them to be prevs.

  2. “I’ll take Life Mysteries for 600.00”

    “Something you’ll never buy in a lifetime.”

    “What is Summer’s Eve?”

    “Sorry, we were looking for tofu sausage.”

  3. geoff – hell if I know, but I have seen the brand Tofurky and they make tofu link sausages.

    I’m with you, I’d rather eat Spam…cut up in small chunks, burnt edges, tastes really good. I use that when I’m craving quick fried rice.

  4. Really? I’ve seen some contestants that were clearly women posing as men on that show before. Why are they mentioning it NOW? lolol

  5. Let Jeopardy bring James Hofhouser on board to kick Amy’s ass back to San Franfreako – back to where he once belonged.

  6. Love the show but turned it off when HE started winning….don’t need to see or hear the freakshow each night….HE was also propped up during Tranny freak week too which makes me think they stuck some dumasses with HIM so HE could win.

  7. She’s really upset with me again

    I didn’t give her what she likes
    I don’t know what to tell her
    Don’t know what to say
    Everything got funky last night
    She was really bombed

    And I was really blown away
    Until I asked her what she wanted
    And this is what she had to say
    A pearl necklace
    She wanna pearl necklace
    She wanna pearl necklace
    She gets a charge out of bein’ so weird

    ZZ Top

  8. For some reason my wife pointed that out to me last night. Meh. So what? “He’s” not pushing an agenda & spouting Libtard nonsense.

  9. “Not pushing an agenda?”
    His appearance and acceptance on national TV is nothing but agenda-fueled.
    Normalization of deviancy is the agenda, and it appears to be working well.

  10. I never watch the Q&A segments but I knew I didn’t like the dude for some reason.
    this explains why.
    I am certain they stack the deck with dummies to further the fraud.
    He may be intelligent, and batshit crazy at the same time though…

  11. I’ll take a Progesterone refill for $100, or Laser hair removal for $5,000. That shadow beard isn’t helping his cause.

  12. Yeah right. The whole Country is in Jeopardy.

    I’m goin with the Science, you know, the xx xy thing. Homely man, ugly woman regardless of the chromosomes.

  13. Alex is in Heaven, throwing up at the travesty that Jeopardy has become.

    Answer: Guys with tits
    Question: What are “chicks with dicks”?

  14. Treating the mentally ill like they’re not sick, is sick. The left want to normalize every perversion that exists to destabilize society for power. Not going to support it.
    No, I’m not watch a man pretending to be a woman play Jeopardy. He’s not well and he’s abnormal.


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