What is going on at the resorts in the Dominican Republic???

Woman Vomited Blood at Dominican Resort, Alleges Her 7UP Was Filled With Bleach: Reports.

Epoch Times: 

A Brooklyn woman said that she vomited blood at a resort in the Dominican Republic after drinking a 7UP soda that was allegedly filled with bleach, according to local reports.

Awilda Montes said she was on vacation at the Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville Resort last October when it happened.

“You finally get those days off you look forward to and something like this will happen?” said Montes, CBS New York reported. “You just don’t expect this.”

Elaborating, she said that she got a 7UP bottle from the minibar in her hotel room and allegedly found bleach instead of soda.

“I was cautious when I took a gulp of it,” said Montes. “I immediately felt it burn me, burn my mouth, burn my tongue.”

“My mouth was on fire,” she added. “When I spit it out in bathroom sink it was blood. I was just irrigating my mouth.”

Doctors treated her for pain and vomiting, she told CBS. “I was miserable,” she told the NewYork Daily News. “I was vomiting. I had stomach pains. The chemical burns were all over.

“I still don’t have sensation in my tongue.

“The next day I was nauseous,” she claimed. “I was in pain, and all I could have was ice.”

The resort apologized, Montes said, and it offered dinner reservations and a massage as compensation.  more here

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  1. Bleach? OK, bleach is bad for you, mkay? But if she spat out whatever it was immediately and it STILL cause instant bleeding and chemical burns then it sure sounds like something much nastier than bleach. Plus, the smell of bleach is strong and instantly recognizable. I just can’t see anybody opening what looked like a soft drink bottle and not smelling the bleach before taking a swig.

  2. Their cigars are going downhill, too.
    Fifteen years ago I would have said that if you wanted a good cigar, buy anything from the Dominican Republic and you’d do OK.
    Now, not so much.
    Seem to get better cigars from Nicaragua (believe it or not) and even Honduras.
    Pretty weird.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. “I was cautious when I took a gulp of it.” Sounds like BS, you’d smell bleach immediately. And who is cautious when they take a drink of a soda. Wouldn’t you notice the top wasn’t secured on and unbroken?! Sounds like an opportunist trying to capitalize off other tragedies where people actually died.

  4. Chlorine bleach or Oxigne Bleech?

    I only ax cuz, well, I tried that with my first wife … uhh … before the brake thing … and uhh ……. well ……. yeh …….. she cud smell it …. an shit …… but that was kloreen cuz I donut thing that oxigien had beene inventeded yet …………

  5. I smell a dead fish.
    After almost finishing restaurant dinner- waiter there’s a fly in my soup.
    Check history on her first, then get back to me.

  6. Everyone in these shitholes hates Americans.

    Make no mistake, they love our money. But they’d rather slit your throat and take your wallet or purse. And that’s at your mid-range, all inclusive resort.

  7. I’m calling BS on all these reports. Been there 7x with wifey and never had an issue at 3 different Punta Cana resorts. Staff and workers have good attitudes and go out of their way to serve. Heading back next month too. Just saying…

  8. If you go to a 3rd world shithole like DR.

    The odds are very high you’re going to have a bad time…

    Don’t go there? duh?

  9. Don’t know about this lady, but the others have the classic pesticide profile
    I bet its in in the water they use for ice machines
    I read how a bunch of Costa Ricans died a few years back. A couple of retards went up in the hills and poured about ten gallons of pesticide in a stream. Their idiot friends were miles downstream and they were in the river below on a boat netting all the dead fish that came floating by.
    They sold some, and ate some and got themselves on TV.
    At least their surviving relatives were on TV

  10. A vacation there isn’t like the resort in Caddyshack and that is not a Baby Ruth in the pool!

  11. Haiti, Jamaica and Dominican Republic all have something in common – Voodoo, a satanic religion known for ritual “hits” on those unaware of the reality of its potentially deadly effects. Vacationing, gullible, “rich” Westerners are easy targets.

    Why it’s happening? – revenge, conrtol or evil for evil’s sake. There must be a lot of incidences not reported. Westerners need to stop vacationing on these islands until their authorities realize vacationers routinely turning up dead is not good for tourism. Financial hardship is a great motivator.


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