What is Joe DiGenova Talking About When He Drops the PGA Golfers/Christine Ford Hint?

DiGenova talked about PGA golfers in relation to Christine Ford. He mentioned it two times.

What’s he talking about?

Very cryptic.

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  1. Was her nickname ‘hole in one’?
    Were they playing her back 9?
    Was she sub-par?

    If the golf cart’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’!

  2. Caddy shack, she was mrs esterhouse, she forgotten that too. Forgets the meaning of disciple, Apologizes ahead of time, OK for Bill Murray to say, not now,,,Glad she did not witness my cleaning the balls.

  3. Her pre-shot routine is to close her eyes and XXXX XXX XXXXX.

    (OKAY, I’m going to hell….) ((I actually edited my own comment. There are ladies here and I crossed the line.))

  4. “.. “I can only tell you this. There is more news coming out every day about Dr. Ford,” diGenova claimed on the show. “The Washington Post is doing a biography on her right now. And in the course of doing so, they contacted, at her request, members of the PGA tour. One of whom told the Post, ‘I don’t think you really want to talk to me.’”…. At the end of the show, diGenova said, “I’m for calling in outside witnesses. I want all the PGA golfers who have anything to say about her brought in to testify.”… ”

    https://heavy.com/news/2018/09/christine-blasey-ford-pga-golfers-tour/ .

    Debbie does, ah er, Christine does the PGA tour?

  5. She’s a psychiatrist or some such, right? Maybe she was hired as a sports therapist for PGA players that got the Yips etc…and her therapy involved swinging.

  6. The Left is really defining “sexual assault” down as to render it utterly meaningless at this point.

    What, if anything, would be minor groping is now sex assault. She was neither stripped, penetrated or forced to perform any sexual act. They just like saying it with Kavanaugh’s name in the proximity. In unison as if coordinated through some private listserv of reporters and democrat strategists.

    I know I’ve mentioned how my work environment is – tiptoeing over eggshells. You can do everything right and perform with the highest integrity but if one of these little scrunts decides to target you for some perceived slight, a glance, a comment taken the wrong way, maybe you didn’t make long enough eye contact – they will try to ruin you like Kavanaugh is getting today.

    It’s The Crucible not The Handmaid’s Tale.


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