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What is the best breed of dog?

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  1. Muts generally. I had a black lab that was brilliant though but she managed to convince us that she was an inside dog and she sure had a lot of hair.

  2. I had a Lab/shar-pei female that ruled the roost. Mixed breeds and rescues always make the best dogs… There is no formula for perfection, Only love and luck.


  3. Got two currently barking their brains out at something outside that don’t serve anything close to a working breed.

    Rescue mutts not expected to do anything except ask for treats.

  4. Any establishment Republican: give them a bone, and they’ll do whatever they’re told by their swamp masters.

  5. Border Collies!
    (I don’t really think so, but mine is watching me and I’m pretty sure he can read)

  6. I adore mutts, bred by God, nature to survive, get creative.

    Same time, I have adopted three Great Pyrenees from a local rescue operation and they are loving, gorgeous, coyote killers. (….sad too many people in apartments buy a GP and drive it nuts barking, no exercise….. ….and greatly mis-understanding their enormous size, full grown.)

    (Kinda like adoring a cutsy baby, but not appreciating the responsibility of raising a child, nurturing a young adult….) …..Lady in Red

  7. Large dogs – I have to go with Labs and Goldens. They’re such big babies.

    Small dogs – I’m fond of the Jack Russell.

  8. A good mutt is a helluva pal. For a purebred, a Golden Retriever is a good buddy too. Hard not to be impressed with those Belgian Malinois’. Too bad I’m not a special forces guy.

  9. Any breed that doesn’t eat its own poop. This eliminates most Beagles and Basset Hounds and any mix of the two. Although, Baseagles can be a real hoot.

  10. I can’t have dogs right now, but I have a plan for when I have a back yard. Get 2 border collie pups. When they are a few months or a year old get 2 miniature goats. The goats bounce all over the place and the border collies herd them – perpetual motion!
    Almost all dogs are great, just a handful aren’t friendly. And I did just make an investment – 3 lbs. of Beggin’ Strips. Lots of dogs in the neighborhood.

  11. GSD, all my life. Breed them as well. Last 4 have been long haired, black & red.

    Cane Corso are also very beautiful. Might do one next. Very 1 person and protective.

  12. Papillion – they herd ya,demand treats, bark at joggers, and ya ought to see one take down a squirrel (they are squirrel spaniels don’t you know).

    But I love our golden doodle – she doesn’t shed and she’s got those eyes and loving to boot.

  13. Sadie was six years old, kicked out of *three* doggie orphanages for violent and aggressive behavior when…..

    ….she was adopted by an “average Joe,” no dog whisperer…. most probably naïve about the potential trouble he’d just bought…. 120 lb German Shepperd.
    After a paralyzing stroke, Sadie saved his life…. silly, untrained, potentially violent dog…. ….smile…


    My theory: she was not really aggressive, just wanted to run and be free…. As a pup saw a map of Route 66 and wanted to “go west….” Instead she was locked in prison…. ….which pissed her off, big time.

    Questions: how did Sadie learn to pull — moving backwards — and save her new stroke-afflicted owner?

    She pulled him across a room to a cell phone…. How did she know what a cell phone was for, having lived most all her life in prison?

    Answers: I do not know. …smile…. …..Lady in Red

  14. Best… for WHAT?

    Do you need a sled dog, a small game hunter, a birder, a large game hunter, a guard dog, an attack dog, a smart dog, a kid-safe dog, an easily trained dog, a quiet dog, a scary dog, a cute dog…?
    Bad question.

    (P.S. Used to breed bullmastiffs so I’m a little partial, but nothing ever will compare to the oversized breeder-rejected bad semi-retarded coal-black car-chasing neighborhood-terrorizing trouble-making German Shepherd born the same day as me, who was constant companion until he “ran away” one day forever when I was 9. (I didn’t find out until my kids were grown — and told me! — that my father had had put him down while I was at school because he had sent a schoolbus full of kids off the road into a ditch and it was the last straw. I still miss him. 🙁

  15. Rough collies like Lassie, border collies, Golden retrievers, beagles (just because), German Shepherds. My next dog is going to be a collie like my sons first dog Buddy and I’m going to name him Kirby. No ankle biters (or Jack Russell terriers, they’re too hyper) need apply, I don’t like little yippy dogs that won’t shut up either.

  16. What is the best dog?
    One that fits your needs and abilities.
    We have a 20 lb miniature Schnauzer, and he fits us to a “T”.

  17. I’m a cat friend by nature. Cats are just so fucking cool. They are not slaves like dogs. Think about it.. A dog is the perfect slave. They’ll pull carts, sleds, attack armed men, get the living shit beat out of them by some owners, or even killed, traded just like slaves, abandoned sames, etc…

    A cat would have said ‘fuck this’ the moment owner said “lets go for a walk”. A dog would be jumping for joy.

    I love dogs. My favorite was a male solid red Springer spaniel. Very good natured dog.

    If I were to own a dog, a Border Collie is a beautiful well nature’d and intelligent Animal.

    But like everything else, parenting is everything.

  18. The best are those who were abandoned and survived by their wits and luck until they found you. They learn important skills that can’t be taught. They are harder to train because they think for themselves, but they are smarter…because they think for themselves. And like any rescue dog, they really appreciate belonging in your pack.

  19. Since 1980 we’ve had 3 successive Yorkie mixes, all rescue dogs–
    Yorkie/Mini Schnauzer
    Yorkie/Shih Tzu

    The Yorkie/Shih Tzu is the most intelligent, most cheerful, most affectionate dog I’ve ever known.

  20. Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

    Just a bit lighter, smarter, and gentler than a Lab. If I had kids, I’d get 2 Labs, so they could all entertain and exhaust each other. CBR’s are content in a grownup household, preferably with acreage and no leash.

  21. Tail on one end teeth on the other, leg on each corner.
    I am not big on the pitbull breeds, but most others are big hearted.

  22. My daughters female golden retriever Sam loved to catch frisbees. She would also go ape shit chasing reflections on the walls or the floor wherever the sun would create a reflection for her to chase. It’s too bad we didn’t have a laser pointer for her like we do with our cat. Sam was unfortunately poisoned and we don’t know why because she was such a good dog. We joke that our cat Finn is Sam reincarnated because of his chasing reflections, laser pointers and shadows which drive him nuts. I’ve got some pictures of Sam catching frisbees in mid air that I might send to Claudia for her Sunday critters pictures.

  23. I agree with all you rescue people, especially if they’re Rottweilers! For me, any dog is just the best.

  24. They all have a purpose. My GSD is purebred and is the guardian of his hunk of the universe. My littlest dog was a rescue and her purpose is to eat and get fat, I guess. The oldest is also a rescue and she is scared of no snake and will bark at it incessantly until someone comes and kills it.

  25. I lost my alpha partner, Jack, 2 years ago. Still not over it… We rescued a Great Dane-Lab mix (170 lbs) before Jack moved on. Jack had nothing to do with him for a month, then they became best friends with Jack the alpha and big ole Duke the faithful follower. When Jack was passing on, Duke knelt down beside him as the cats all came by and paid their respect to Jack, the alpha of the house…

  26. …and when Jack passed, the mobile vet and I carried him out the front door. Duke watched JAck leave. For no less than three weeks afterwards, Duke would lay by the front door waiting for his hero to come home. The whole animal kingdom was upset in our house. No leader. I love my best friend Jack to this day. He taught me more of unconditional love than any human can or could… I miss him, but I know I have other responsibilities with his adopted brother Duke. Everytime I see Duke’s good, I think of Jack’s influence on him! TGod, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time I had with Jack.

  27. That made me cry because I loved that damn dog. I am a cat person by lifestyle; BC gone too much. Cats don’t care; just leave enough food and water. Over the many years, I stood in to care for friends dogs literally around the world from Singapore, to Lagos, to Venezuela, to Mexico; from rottweilers to whatever those cute little furry things, smaller than a cat are. Jack was special. You are damn lucky that he didn’t just come home with me. It was close. Lady down the street is about to lose her cute little furry thing, but I 100% still vote black lab. I have known a lot of dogs around the world and love almost all, but black lab is it. As a non-dog owner, still sorta glad he tore up your woodwork and not mine, I loved that damn dog.

  28. I had Little Miss Lady, a Papillion for years, she visited patients with me. Would just sit in their laps and soak up the love. She was 18 when she went Home.

    We had a dog sized hole in our house. I began looking for another Little. I love the Yorkies.

    God sent a 90 lb muttonheaded dorkalorkagus our way instead, and she is one of us. We have no idea what she is besides eating machine.

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