What is the fastest growing language in American homes?

This is the seventh most commonly spoken language in American households. Of these households, 40 percent are not proficient in english. If I were to take a guess, of these households that do not speak english, I’d say the majority of them aren’t planning on ever speaking english, and are most likely awaiting the overthrow of of our western ways, supplanted with their 6th century barbarism.

Yes, the fastest growing language in America is Arabic.


One major challenge facing census officials is whether to require a response in English and when to allow an Arabic response.

A focus-group study recommended that the address fields require people to use English, because an American address might not be accurately translated into Arabic, according to the Pew Research Center.

Arabic names present another complication — as they can be transliterated into English in different ways because the letters of the Arabic ­alphabet don’t necessarily have direct English equivalents.

For example, the Arabic name Hussein can be transliterated into English at least five additional ways: Hussain, Husein, Husain, Houssain and Houssein.


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  1. My German immigrant great grandmother never learned to speak English. My mother was never able to communicate with her. Great Grandmother lived in an isolated rural community and never had to speak English. Mom’s Dad moved away from the family and lost of his ability to speak English. There are small towns west of Houston who still speak German at home and speak accented English.

  2. It’s basic statistics. If you start at zero, then any small change is “fastest growing”. The number of other races in the USA is pretty stable. Even Spanish speaking immigrants only raise the percent of Spanish speakers by a small percentage since there were so many in the first place.

  3. Perhaps an answer to the name problem because of the alphabet situation would be to have names assigned to new immigrants with their papers and any official forms they need to get work visas, driver’s licenses, etc. They did it for the orphans from Ireland – they may not like it, but we need to do something to be able to track new immigrants.
    Of course a practical answer like that would never work.It would be looked at as “not nice”.

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