“What is the ideal average temperature of the Earth?”

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American Thinker:

The global warming question that can change people’s minds

By Selwyn Duke

Late last year, I got into a discussion with a fellow who was quite sold on the idea that man’s activities were warming the Earth.  While not a hardcore ideologue, it was apparent the gentleman had accepted the climate change narrative presented by mainstream media and believed we truly were imperiling the planet.  I didn’t say much to him initially, as we were engaged in some recreation, but later on, I resurrected the topic and told him I just wanted to pose one question.

“What is the ideal average temperature of the Earth?” I asked.

It was clear he was without an answer, so I explained my rationale.  “If we don’t know what the Earth’s ideal average temperature is,” I stated, “how can we know if a given type of climate change — whether naturally occurring or induced by man — is good or bad?  After all, we can’t then know whether it’s bringing us closer to or moving us further away from that ideal temperature.”

It was as if a little light bulb had lit up in his head, and he said, “You know, that’s a good question!” more

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  1. Who is to say what the ideal temperature is?
    Warmer climes are better for growing crops. Colder ones make it harder to feed ourselves.

    Personally my favorite climate was Hawaii’s. 70s at night and 80s during the day. Different islands and even different parts of an island would vary as well. Last summer on the Olympic Peninsula was gorgeous.

  2. “…“What is the ideal average temperature of the Earth?” I asked…”

    Uh,uh,uh, It doesn’t matter what I think it should be. It only matters what I feel it should be. THAT is all the “science” that you need to know.

  3. Another critical question is “What is the current surface temperature of the earth?”
    Seriously – The earth is roughly 8 thousand miles in diameter. It is spinning at a rate of one revolution per day and orbiting the sun in an elliptical orbit with a tilted orientation to that orbit path. That means the surface speed at the equator is 1,000 mph and the orbital speed around the sun is about 66,000 mph on average. The surface and atmospheric temperature is most affected by the sun’s light energy.
    Because of this, almost every spot on earth changes at least one degree F hourly, and the temperature at one surface location can be over 200 degrees F from another (-90 to 130).
    So, that question cannot be answered.
    Maybe some wasteful government agency collects error prone data from all over the world and instantly compiles it and then averages it annually.
    But what good is that value?
    The predicted changes the panic mongers claim are negligible over individual humans lifetimes. The “claimed” changes that have already recently occurred have had NO effect on humanity or “sea levels”. Hundred year old photos of ports and coastlines around the world show the water levels exactly where they are now.

  4. Please refer all questions about the earth’s temperature to that big, yellow, fiery ball in the sky known as the sun. The planet is just fine, until said yellow ball collapses. We, on the other hand, are fucked and are going to be shown the door. That’s the reality of it. End of discussion.

  5. @Jethro January 23, 2022 at 8:18 pm

    It’s getting late and my brain is going to sleep, but I think I liked what you said. TU to you.

  6. “Standard atmosphere:”

    288.15°K, 15°C, 59°F)

    1013.25 millibars, 29.92 in. of Mercury

    The average surface temperature of the Earth, day or night, is roughly between 57 and 61°F.

    Seems about right. Don’t fuck with it.

    (Did you know that the maximum density of water occurs at about 4°C (39°F)? Don’t fuck with that or ice won’t float!)

  7. Who has the authority to declare an IDEAL temperature ?

    AND on what SCIENTIFIC METHOD proof

    AND on what FACTS ?

  8. I ♡ globull warming….. 53°F yesterday afternoon and I was chilly in my as yet unheated garage.

  9. The whole Globaloney Warming/Climate Change Bullshit Hoax is pure nihilism – some group of rich maggots (Gates, Buffett, Soros, et.al.) believe that they should control the weather, not God, because in their philosophy, God doesn’t exist. The other central aspect of the Globaloney Warming/Climate Change Bullshit Hoax is money – the same maggots can siphon $Billions upon $Billions of dollars out of the taxpayers’ pockets with political support of the Hoax.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. “Ideal Temperature” kinda depends on where you stick the thermometer, doesn’t it?
    Rectal is always higher than axillary.

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