What is This? Liquor Store in Congress?

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  1. …well, bitch sure knows her booze, and they have a bartender already working in the House, so there’s that…

  2. …maybe they should put in an adult diaper change station too, especially on days Pedo Shitpants comes over to be creepy…

  3. Hey, the upper crust needs to be able to have their perks, right? Meanwhile us peons need to be satisfied with the crumbs they throw our way.

  4. don’t they say ‘trust the science?’
    I don’t know of any science that says alcohol improves judgement or cognitive abilities. Why are they drinking on the job, and that job being in the Capital, making decisions for everyone not in the Capital.
    Now they’ll be able to buy booze in house (literally), and they won’t have to go outside, or spend money on gas to get the booze. That’s part of it. Can you imagine pelosi or feinstein sneaking out, jumping in their car and going out to grab a quick bottle?
    I say there should be ‘breath-o-lizers’ at the doors of the chambers, with the results available to the public.

  5. Frank Luntz’s roommate will be along shortly to explain why this is perfectly okay, and shut up, you treasonous Putin-lovers.

  6. ^^^^ great idea for a beer label … ‘MAGA Beer, ’cause Fuck You!’

    (paraphrasing ‘Idiocracy’)

  7. buying votes with alcohol is illegal.
    wouldn’t that apply to all voting?

    will pelosi be working the counter(s)?

  8. “will pelosi be working the counter(s)?”

    Working them? She’ll be licking up the spills.

  9. You think this is arrogant? Wait till we find out how much of the $40 billion dollars the swamp wants to send to Ukraine comes right back to these rats.

  10. I’d buy them ALL a round on me. As long as I get to make a toast:


  11. What, Pelosi’s Minge stopped absorbing the Vodka soaked tampons?

  12. Rumour (get it) is that Stevie Nicks would take her Coke up the poop shoot so she would not screw up her Nose & vocal chords.

    It would not surprise me if both sides of the isle were being creative.
    Pieces of shit!

  13. I was amazed at how much drinking went on in public life back when the Constitution was written.. Especially in congress.

    Whiskey and beer all day long.

    Not surprised it’s still going on.

  14. Capitol Hill Liquors hit hardest.
    They had free delivery, and the delivery guy said that House Members were the least likely to tip – they felt the service was “owed” them.

    Worthless sacks of shit for 100 years and counting.

    Prolly set up the bar in the Member’s Gym.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  15. I’m pretty sure this is strategic. Loosening up and softening holdouts for votes of more insane stuff.

  16. It’s true , there was a lot of “bending of the elbow” in the colonies and among our congressional leaders during the Revolutionary Era. The difference is they weren’t stealing taxpayers money to set up a pub/bar/liquor store in the Capitol.
    Back in the day, people knew they had to pay for their own booze or build a still and make it.

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