What language is he speaking?

dog language funny

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Meet A Dog That Is So Excited To Go To The Park!

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  1. My old dog Ellie Mae (May she RIP in Doggy Heaven) used to do that when I got her leash to go for a walk in the mornings…


    It was hilarious.

  2. That’s why we love them, for the interaction!
    When you talk to them you can tell they are trying to understand what we are saying. We had a little guy that tried to speak, not bark, as well when you asked him to speak or “what do you say?”.

  3. I showed the video to my cats. They told me, “We don’t need no stinkin’ park!”

    For these guys, the magic word is “food.”

  4. My lab Sassy tries to say “poop” when I ask her if she needs to poop. She’s a funny dog.
    And Buddy the wolf/shepherd loves to sing the blues when I play my guitar; he hums along with the melody. But if I get into it too heavily, sometimes he acts like the drunk guy at the concert and starts howling. lol
    Both dogs love Nora Jones. Their ears will perk up after a few notes and then they will both start howling.
    They both hate rap “music”.

    The Good Lord dealt me a great hand with those two.

    I’m fixin to take them to town here in a bit. They really go nuts when they see me put on my boots and hat …

  5. You are truly blessed with them. They sound like the kind of dogs everyone should experience.

    Don’t discount your influence on them though, you’re obviously the kinda guy that they can be awesome with. Not everybody is.

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