What Movies Make You Cry?

Or laugh with abandon? What movies make you scared? Sad? Happy?

What was the worst movie you ever watched?

What movie is your favorite of all time?

  1. Cry
  2. Laugh
  3. Scared
  4. Sad
  5. Happy
  6. Worst
  7. Favorite

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  1. I always liked watching WW2 movies with my Dad like Bridge on the River Kwai, love it when Alec Guiness is let out of the ‘oven’

    Always loved the movies so much but don’t watch much anymore but caught a marathon of back to back Dirty Dancing last winter I thoroughly enjoyed that, too.

    Good Burger has always been a cult favorite with my kids and I like it too, know the lines, etc.

  2. I’m not sure what movie makes me cry but husband used to tear up at the end of White Christmas when the General sees his surprise party.

  3. Old Yeller is considered to be a horror movie to some baby boomers as well as Bambi. The 2 worst movies I ever saw were Valley of the dolls and The world according to Garp, it was totally depressing and I hated that movie. The best was Chariots of Fire as well as The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. And the Killing Fields makes me cry because of what happened to the Cambodians under the dictatorship of Pol Pot. I also am very fond of Never Cry Wolf.

  4. 1. Elephant Man

    2. Monty Python’s Dead Parrot Sketch (I know, it’s not a movie. So sue me.)

    3. Night of the Living Dead

    5. A Child’s Christmas in Wales

    7. Chariots of Fire

    That’s enough. Skipping 4 and 6 because there’s always a sadder and a worse movie.

  5. The first movie I ever saw in a theatre was Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The first movie I ever saw as an ‘adult’ on a date with a boy was True Grit with John Wayne. It’s hard to pick a worst movie as there are so many and I seem to put the sad ones and the crappy ones out of my mind.

  6. 1. Cry – An Affair to Remember (1957) When he discovers why she never showed up to meet him. Sob!
    2. Laugh – Oscar (1991) Great cast, lots of funny lines.
    3. Scared – Poltergeist (1982) Watched it in a theater. You should have seen my boyfriend’s tee-shirt after I pulled it out to hide my eyes when I thought something was going to be scary!
    4. Sad – Out of Africa (1985) I hated that she lost her farm.
    5. Happy – The Princess Bride (1987) Great cast and story. Liked the ending.
    6. Worst – Neighbors (1981) Walked out. Never saw the end and don’t care to.
    7. Favorite – The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) Intelligent and doesn’t pander. You mess up, you die.

  7. Yeah Claudia, I recall that Poltergeist was very frightening to me when an egg or something just barely rolled on a counter and the people saw it. Forgot about that one!

  8. My youngest daughter almost jumped into the lap of the guy sitting next to her when we watched Signs and the creepy alien appeared from under the door, it scared the snot out of her. She also hates Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein. The original version of Of Mice and Men with Burgess Meredith and Lon Chaney Jr. as Lenny is a great movie as well. “Which way did they go George.” The 2 scariest movies I ever watched were a Clockwork Orange and Phantasm with the flying eyeball. The funniest were Blazing Saddles, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Buster Keaton movies like Steamboat Bill Jr.

  9. Not so much movies but my Mom recently gave me our families slides and projector that I hadn’t seen in probably 40 years. That was quite emotional for me seeing all the people who are since gone and remembering many of the events depicted. I’ve lived a blessed life.

  10. 1-5 deals with emotions… Hard for me to attribute them to a movie because I’m a man…
    6 The “Halloween” movies were especially retarded.
    7 Is a toss up between Tombstone and Space Cowboys.


  11. Cry: Three Amigos
    Laugh: Producers
    Scared: Battleship Potemkin
    Sad: 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
    Happy: Herbie the Love Bug
    Worst:Any Streisand flick
    Favorite: Beau Jest

  12. Different Tim, I know what you mean. I have 30+ years of VHS tapes to transfer to DVDs in the next few months. I will be making a set for each of my siblings. I’m sure I will shed some tears, but I, too, have had a blessed life. Looking forward to watching them again. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  13. The opening scene in Saving Private Ryan was extremely tough for me to watch. Young Frankenstein always makes me laugh! Aliens is my all time favorite adventure/action film.

  14. It’s A Wonderful Life always tears me up.

    Makes me laugh and happy are the the Peter Sellers Pink Panthers.

  15. Cry ~ ‘Bambi’ (the original), when his mother died. also ‘Private Ryan’ in the end where Ryan breaks down in the cemetery

    Laugh ~ Star Wars III (Episode VI), George Lucas at his cliche’-riddled height of hokeyness

    Scared ~ ‘Thelma & Louise’ at the end, when they ran over the cliff I had an awful feeling somehow they would create a sequel

    Sad ~ ‘Forrest Gump’ where he got away (run, Forrest, run) from the bullies & survived … because then I had to watch the rest of the movie & pretend to be sad that his hippy ‘girlfriend’s’ life didn’t turn out … who didn’t see that one coming?

    Happy ~ ‘Song of the South’ love B’rer Rabbit & the Tar Baby. ‘Animal House’ brings back a lot of good memories. ‘Duck Soup’, ‘The Bank Dick’, Zeffirelli’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’, & as much as I want to stomp George Clooney’s head into the ground, I think ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?’ is a hoot

    Worst ~ Good Lord! I don’t think Fur has enough bandwidth for me to list all the garbage I’ve seen in a lifetime. 99.9999999% is crap

    Favorite ~ anything John Wayne did, starting w/ ‘Stagecoach’ thru ‘True Grit’ (‘cept for ‘Rio Lobo’ – worst ever JW), most anything Clint Eastwood, ‘cept when he hooked up w/ Sandra Locke & ‘Painted Wagon’), some Russell Crowe (Gladiator, Master & Commander, A Beautiful Mind), ‘The Road Warrior’, Bogart since ‘The Maltese Falcon’, Sean Connery & Daniel Craig as James Bond, ‘cept for ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, ‘Never Say Never’, ‘Quantum’. ‘Tombstone’, ‘Open Range’, ‘Long, Hot Summer’, ‘Zulu’, Magnificent Seven (original), ‘Ben-Hur’ (Chuck Heston version), ‘Wizard of Oz’, ‘Last of the Mohicans’ (DD Lewis version), ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, ‘A Bridge Too Far’, ‘The Sea Hawk’, ‘Office Space’

    for TonyR ~ ‘Old Yeller’


  16. Cry: Gallipoli

    Laugh:An inconvenient Truth

    Scared: Jaws

    Sad:Where the Red Fern Grows

    Happy:Welcome to Woop Woop (Ozzie Movie..Must See!!!)

    Worst: Beach Bum…

    Favorite: Gunga Din…Fur f*cks sakes He was a better Man than I!

  17. I like silly stuff and action movies. Airplane, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, just about any Mel Brooks movie. Really don’t like horror films, thought The Shining was a comedy. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest made an impression, maybe it was a foreshadow 😃 Even liked early Woody Allen like Bananas, Sleeper, and Take the Money and Run. Also like war films like Hamburger Hill, Platoon, Saving Private Ryan. I guess the sillier, the depth or the more realistic movies are, the more I like them. I’m not easily entertained. I find I usually like movies the critics hate. 😉

  18. Cry – American Sniper
    Laugh – It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World.
    Scared – The Omega Man
    Sad – The Green Mile
    Happy – A Christmas Story
    Worst – Fiddler On The Roof
    Favorite – Tora, Tora, Tora

  19. As a writer, I love murder mystery movies that have twisty plots that sneak up on me from behind and catch me off guard. Witness for the prosecution, Fractured, Frequency, A perfect getaway, A single shot, and Conflict are but a few that come to mind. If you like twists, check any one of these out.

  20. 1 Cry: Star Trek VI (the ending)
    2 Laugh: An Inconvenient Truth
    3 Scared: Aliens
    4 Sad: A Beautiful Life
    5 Happy: Easy Rider (the ending)
    6 Worst: Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019 remake)
    7 Favorite: The Outlaw Josey Wales AND Tombstone (flip a coin)

  21. There’s an animated Japanese movie named “Graves of the Fireflies” that OPENS with the main character, a young boy, dying alone in a post-war train station in which he’d been living, and died clutching a candy can that was now filled with the ashes of his even younger sister that he had to cremate himself after she died of malnutrition in the cave they were living in since their mother died after their house was firebombed by massed B-29s and their aunt put them out of HER house after selling all their mother’s clothes, which were all the worldly possessions they had, besides the can of candy that the girl’s remains would be later interred in.

    It ain’t Disney.

    It’s done very realistically, with the kids trying to be responsible one minute, but just being kids the next, against the backdrop of the closing days of WWII, which they don’t even know ends because they cut themselves off from all adult contact out of fear and pride.

    It is full of understated but historically accurate touches, like they haven’t heard from their naval officer father for awhile who was serving aboard the Maya, which was an actual battle cruiser that was lost at the battle of Leyete Gulf, much of crew rescued and transferred to the Musashi, which was ITSELF sunk shortly afterwards, meaning their father had TWO chances to die in a burning shipwreck, none of which his children have any way of knowing about because of COURSE their Goverment couldn’t be honest about anything.

    We walk with the children as their lives fall apart and they cling to each other because they literally have no one else.

    We hope they will make it even though we KNOW they WON’T, because they were DEAD at the BEGINNING of the movie, remember? The whole thing gives you a reason to care about characters you KNOW are dead.

    its also an allegory for wartime Japan itself, willing to die in pride and ignorance because they can’t allow themselves to surrender and get help to live again.

    Even if you’re not a Japanese animation fan, I recommend you see THIS one. No big eyes, no giant robots, no panties, preaching, or sexual innuendos, just two kids of many dying of their parent’s war, with a VERY realistic story line and art style.

    If you don’t mist up on THIS one, you didn’t watch it.


  22. What movie is your favorite of all time?

    Cry Any movie where a dog dies.

    Laugh The Tim Allen movie BIG TROUBLE…(not little china) great cast of characters.
    Scared Creature from the Black Lagoon…1954 I’m so old I saw it in the theater.

    Sad Full Metal Jacket had too many friends die in the battle for Hue City.

    Happy WALL-E

    Worst Anything with fukin’ de niro in it!

    Favorite PATTON

  23. A Patch of Blue with Sidney Poitier. A blind girl meets a black man.
    Galaxy Quest. A spoof of Star Trek.
    The Cat People. Old movie.
    Schindler’s List.
    The Miracle Worker. Helen Keller story.
    The Conversation with Gene Hackman. About taping and eavesdropping. So boring.
    Lawrence of Arabia. Incredible epic by David Lean.

  24. CRY — When Old Man Ryan asks his wife if he led a good life

    LAUGH — Mel Brooks movies; Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    SCARED — The scene where Atticus Finch shot the rabid dog. The dog scared me. But then again, I was only six when I saw “Mockingbird” in the theater

    WORST — I dont know. I dont watch movies that I know are going to suck

    FAVES — Goodfellas, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Godfather I & II

  25. For those of you that love Monty Python, you should look to YouTube and check out the British comedy team of The Two Ronnie’s.

  26. Cry – The music in the opening credits of The Best Years of Our Lives. Evokes strong memories of my parents, who would have been teenagers during that time. I cry every time.
    Laugh – The More the Merrier
    Scared – I avoid these movies
    Sad – Gone With the Wind because it’s nowhere near as good as the book.
    Happy – The Quiet Man
    Worst – Anything with a liberal Hollywood actor. I mean it. Won’t watch them.
    Favorite – Too many to name, but I do love Rear Window.

  27. @Bob M

    I’ve made the joke with some of my proggtarded siblings that this whole Cold Civil War things turns on the issue of whether “Easy Ride” had a tragic ending or an uplifting one

    I know I didn’t shed so much as a micro tear when those two bit the dirt at the end

  28. Look, all I’m sayin’ that Herbie the Love Bug is a perfectly made movie.

    It’s got a story, some cars, Buddy Hacket and about a million Chinamen.

    The hell else do you need in a movie?

  29. Nicola I read the Miracle Worker. I didn’t think it would be all that good but I absolutely couldn’t put the book down. I don’t know how a movie could possible do it justice though.

    Welcome to Woop Woop is free if you Google it also Bobcat.

    The Man Who Would be King is rentable on Amazon and is also a must see.

  30. 7…I guess I’ll add “Groundhog Day” to this thread since its noticeably absent but deserves an honorable mention.

    /Salute (again)

  31. Cry – Schindler’s List

    Laugh – The Producers (original)

    Scared – Hitcher the original with Rutger Hauer

    Sad – The Kite Runner

    Happy – A Christmas Carol (1938 version)

    Worst – Barbarella, couldn’t watch more than 15 minutes of it or maybe it was the 3 Black Russians I drank

    Favorite – all time favorites The Abominable Dr. Phibes followed by Alfred Hitchcock’s Stage Fright with Michael Wilding and Jane Wyman

    Klaatu barada nikto

  32. Correction. I read “The Story of My Life” not the Miracle Worker for wiw but the Movie would have been it. (although it is a must read, to me, not a must watch.)

    And Ground Hog Day and Ferris Buehler’s Day off are also my top 2.

    Knight and Day was pretty hilarious

  33. Cry: Lifeboat
    Laugh: Its a Mad Mad Mad World
    Scared: Apollo 18
    Sad: The Quiet Earth
    Happy: Evil Roy Slade
    Worst: The Gambler
    Favorite: The Man who shot Liberty Valance

  34. Haichi, a story of a dog so loyal that he waited for ten years for his master to come home after he died at work. I cried like a little girl. It was pathetic.

  35. Cry — Steele Magnolias (when Sally Fields’ character loses it at the cemetery)
    Laugh — Any “Thin Man” comedy
    Scared — Any scary movie where people are killed in a gory fashion (Silence of the Lambs, Jurassic Park)
    Sad — Out of Africa (because it’s based on real people)
    Happy — Colonel Effingham’s Raid
    Worst — “The Day After”
    Favorite — (this is hard) In the top ten: “Indiscreet” w/Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman

  36. 1 Cry: It’s a Wonderful Life
    2 Laugh: Airplane, and the very next movie by the same team, Top Secret
    3 Scared: Invaders from Mars (1953)
    4 Sad: Casablanca
    5 Happy: Star Trek IV
    6 Worst: Days of Heaven tied with Matrix
    7 Favorite: The Day the Earth Stood Still (original only) — easily my favorite movie of all time for its insights into human motives and emotions, it’s sheer drama and charm, its perfect casting, Bernard Herrmann’s score, and director Robert Wise’s economy in which every scene and every line matters.

  37. Cry: “Castaway” when Wilson drifts off into the horizon. How in the world do you get people to cry over a stupid volleyball? That was great filmmaking.
    Laugh: Oh yeah. “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”. I love it when movies make me shout out “Wha…?” Never a dull moment with that film. “James..Jester-ton? No, no! Lawrence Jest..Wait!”
    Scared: Audrey Hepburn in “Wait Until Dark” when the guy jumps after her. It STILL scares me and I know it’s coming!
    Sad:At the end of “Amadeus” when the gravediggers unceremoniously dump poor…Mozart…into…Oh no! I can’t even watch that part anymore.
    Happy: “My Fair Lady” or “The Music Man”. Never fail to lift my spirits, those two. Yeah, I’m pretty corny. Love movies about Redemption. “Sound of Music” could go here, too.
    Worst: “Faceoff”. First and only time I’ve ever walked out of a theater. I pretty much stopped going to theaters after that. Oh and the new Mary Poppins. Ghastly.We rented it. Made it 15 minutes. Ugh. Or anything by Tim Burton. Hideous stuff.
    Favorite: “The Cutting Edge”. Probably my all-time favorite. That, or “Joe Versus the Volcano”. I know. I like loser movies that never made it big. Oh, and “Ladyhawke”.
    Glad to see others like “Miracle Worker”. It was a touching film. And of course “Groundhog Day” is right up there as one of my faves.

  38. Definitely Groundhog Day, one of Bill Murray’s best movies. I hate What About Bob, it’s too manic for me but my kids love it, I’m not a big Richard Dreyfus fan. Dennis Prager made me laugh out loud this last week when he asked the question of what if every day was a Groundhog day to God.

  39. I changed my mind. The movie that made me laugh so hard it hurt and I couldn’t breathe was the Pink Panther movie (can’t remember which one) where Cluseau’s nose melts off and he pulls Inspector Dreyfus’ tooth (the wrong one) while they’re are both inhaling the nitrous oxide and laughing at each other.


  40. Supernightshade beat me to it, Grave of the Fireflies is the saddest movie I have ever seen. It is semiautobiographical, and the author/director (who was the boy) clearly carried a lot of guilt.
    On the same level, but only 2 minutes long, is Valse Triste (literally Sad Waltz) from Bruno Bozzeto’s Allegro Non Troppo (which is an excellent response to Fantasia). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSuEhY0pjWA
    Happiest movie? Blazing Saddles maybe.
    Favorite: My Name is Nobody, with Henry Fonda as the aging (51!) gunfighter and Terrence Hill as his young challenger.

  41. There is a great old B&W English comedy called The Lady Killers with Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom and Alec Guinness which is well worth watching. They play a bunch of bungling bank robbers who have an old lady get in their way trying to rob banks. my wife and I went and saw Aleggro Non Tropo at the theater back in the late 70′, it was a great movie.

  42. @Merrymouse – Castaway ticked me off. I watched it in a theater with only 2 other people (a friend worked for MGM), we kept pointing out the poor survival skills. But what really annoyed me was that it was clear that the story was about both physical and psychological/emotional survival, but they did a lousy job with the second part. It was really not obvious when he had to go to the top of the hill to get the extra rope that the reason it was there was that he had tried to kill himself. The story was there, but either the filming or the editing failed to bring it to the theater.

    @Abigail – all of the Sellers Pink Panther movies were hilarious! So many physical gags. And Kato!

  43. Cry – I don’t cry in movies, but if I did, Schindler’s List would probably qualify.

    Laugh – Evil Roy Slade is way up on my list.

    Scared – The original Night of The Living Dead had me turning on all the lights and checking the closets after seeing it one night.

    Sad – A Man For All Seasons makes me wish I had the kind of integrity that Sir Thomas More had in the movie.

    Happy – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Ultimate cartoon happy ending.

    Worst – Out of Africa – Most boring snoozefest I ever watched. Would have walked out if I wasn’t with a date.

    Favorite – If I have to pick one, it would probably be Dr. Strangelove. Kubrick at his best.

  44. 1) Cry: when the mother dies in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.
    2) Laugh: Team America – World Police. Saw it at the theater with Mrs. Guevara and there were only like 12 people there in a Friday night. My face hurt after 30 minutes from laughing so hard.
    3) Scary: Alien and The Exorcist
    4) Sad: Where the Red Fern Grows. Because dogs.
    5) Happy: Tropic Thunder. Never go full retard. I’m a dude playing a dude who’s playing another dude.
    6) Worst: List is too long. Any Matrix Sequel. Whole subgenres of horror movies. Natural Born Killers. Does Oliver Stone have to club you over the head to get his point across? Yes, he does. Any musical biopic where the soundtrack matches whatever is going on in the story.
    Favorite: That is tough. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Casablanca, at The Road Warrior.

  45. Ah, Vietvet, my soul brother. You didn’t like Out of Africa? If you like to read, read Isak Dinesen’s “Out of Africa and Shadows on the Grass”, a collection of her stories including the short story on which the film is based. Dinesen (Karen Blixen) had an amazing life and was a story teller for the ages. Despite Streep being a complete liberal idiot, I can’t imagine anyone else attempting that role, but I was terribly disappointed they gave the role of Denis Finch Hatton to a Hollywood glamor boy — Robert Redford. He never connected with who Finch Hatton really was. Streep, however, hit every note, and the actor who played her #1 house man was pitch perfect as well.

  46. LCD-oh yeah, lots of plot holes in Castaway, but the scene I described made me cry from the guts! Hanks played a total nerd who had no clue how to survive. How many days did he sit there collecting floating boxes? Duh. Such a dope. I think it got better. But Wilson was his only friend. It was save Wilson or save himself. Wow.

  47. Going to throw in one more cry. The opening of The Big Chill. So much imagery for an intro into a eulogy for a character you never meet.

    Sad: Looking For Mr. Goodbar. A movie kind of lost to history. Never released on DVD and rarely ever played on cable and not available on streaming. That movie could totally be remade for today’s social media, tinder, online dating and drinking drug culture. The ending comes so fast and so sudden and predictably.

  48. @Merry Mouse – I did like the fade-out, there was hope at the end.

    @Abigail – have you read West with the Night by Beryl Markham? Amazing autobiography of a woman, born in 1900 and grew up in Africa. One of the first bush pilots, and the first person to fly solo from Europe to America. Oh, and Hemingway was supposedly upset that her writing was better than his. Great book, I plan to reread it.

  49. MerryMouse, Ladyhawk was a toss-up for my ‘cry’ list. When they were in the pit and almost saw each other during the ‘change’, I just lost it. Tears and more tears. Sigh. Beautiful movie.

  50. Left Coast Dan — I read West With the Night the year it was published. Also Judith Thurman’s “Isak Dinesen, Life of a Story Teller.” In fact, I’ve read and reread every book I could get my hands on about that crowd of Britishers in colonial East Africa. Finch Hatton burned everything, including all his love letters from Dinesen. Pity. In Heaven I am hoping I can go to what was colonial Nairobi and those parts. I’d always thought I would travel there but not now and probably never — until Heaven. What a wonderful time they all had! There is a suburban housing development now where Dinesen/Blixen had her farm. It’s called “Karen.”

  51. 1.Bambi
    2.The Three Stooges
    4.Gone with the Wind
    5.You Can’t Take it With You
    7.Lawrence of Arabia

  52. 1. Cry: Up (Pixar)
    2. Laugh: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    3. Scared: Clockwork Orange
    4. Sad: Moulin Rouge
    5. Happy: Inside Out (Pixar)
    6. Worst: City of Angels- I hated the ending to this movie so much that it makes me angry again just thinking about it.
    7. Favorite: Gosh, yeah. I don’t know if I have a favorite favorite. How about,’Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ for today. Or, ‘Mystery, Alaska’ or “BladeRunner’? Hard to chose!

  53. RE: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    They made a wise choice not to overuse Steve Martin. Movie comedy and stand up routines are not the same thing. And if you have the comedian saying all the funny things, you lose the comedic element of surprise. Which is why giving the best lines to Michael Caine worked really well

    For example, late in the movie, they let Martin do an extended stand up routine about being able to walk again …. only to be trumped by three words from Caine. That worked beautifully

  54. @AbigailAdams: Undoubtedly the book was better than the movie. IMHO the most interesting character in the film was played by Klaus Maria Brandauer, but his part was too small to save it all by himself.

    When I get bored with a movie, I start picking it apart for the details. I seem to recall a scene where Streep and Redford were having dinner at night out on the African plains, and all I could think of was, “Where are all the insects? The bugs should be swarming all over them under those bright lights!”


  55. 1. Cry – “The Passion of the Christ” 2004.
    Painful to watch the depiction of what the Lord went through.

    2. Laugh – “The Pink Panther” 1963.
    Laugh till I cry!

    3. Scared – “The Haunting of Hill House” 1963.
    *shudder* Makes me appreciate God even more.

    4. Sad – “Terms of Endearment” 1983,
    Soppy, but good acting and plot.

    5. Happy – “Kiss Me Kate” 1953. Fun entertainment – great cast.

    6. Worst – “Glitter” 2001. Yikes!

    7. Favorite – “To Sir With Love” 1967. Still love it.

  56. That wun with Arnolt Swatzgeezer …… uhh ….. Pretender ….. I cride like a baby hwen that alien guy got kilt.
    An the indian! yea, he died two!

  57. Attention! Left Coast Dan and Abigail Adams
    I did not see the beginning but there was Peter Sellers at some higher echelon dinner party with an indoor pool., After finding the bathroom, and flushing toilet it wouldn’t stop filling with water, he stuffed it with toilet paper then all the towels pretty soon it was overflowing down onto the long elaborate dinnertable where everyone was eating , then everyone ended up in the pool it was absolutely hilarious, my stomach hurt for a long time laughing so much.

  58. Love excellent period dramas where the clothes and the sets seem to have bigger roles than the characters, who are quietly struggling with all of life’s great conflicts and traumas.

    Room With A View
    The Bostonians
    The Remains of the Day

    Everyone is so polite and well dressed, and has the decency to be sneaky when they are misbehaving.

  59. LCD Majic Christian. I forgot that one. That was brilliantly funny

    The Remains of the Day, Room with a View. LMA
    You can never ever go wrong with a classic novel made into a movie.

  60. 1 Cry: High Plains Drifter
    2 Laugh: High Plains Drifter
    3 Scared: High Plains Drifter
    4 Sad: High Plains Drifter
    5 Happy: High Plains Drifter
    6 Worst: Any movie without Clint Eastwood
    7 Favorite: High Plains Drifter

  61. Absolute worst was “Kids”
    Favorite ‘new, “Layer Cake”
    Favorite ‘old’, “The Oxbow Incident”


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