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WHAT?! OBAMA: “WE” The Muslims!

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31 Comments on WHAT?! OBAMA: “WE” The Muslims!

  1. Freudian slip….I mean he misspoke, or this is out of context, no wait, I mean……..
    I’ll get back to you after the Spin Doctors work on this.

  2. For once in 7 years his words reflect his beliefs and actions.

    Now I have confirmation why he has supported, financed, armed and trained muslim terrorists. Not too mention bringing the same Islamic terrorists to the US as “refugees.

  3. He told people who he was from the very beginning. He said what he was going to do—from the very beginning. He told us where his alliance was. During his two terms in office, his actions reflected ALL that he has said and done.

    America refused to believe, nor did we hold ourselves, leaders or media accountable for the malfeasance thrust upon us.

    And, now, It is in fact, too late.

    As a result, this nation is a powder keg waiting to go off.

  4. He’s saying how we, as in his GOV’T, insure YOUR (Muslim)children (as well as Christians, Hindus, Pastafarians, etc.), are taught only the things his gov’t want the children to learn.
    If he had any religion at all, he woulda said how ‘we in the Muslim community insure’….

  5. It’s always been “We”. Islam is his motivation for everything he does. The older Obama gets it becomes more difficult for him to hid his true role as a Caliphate leader.

  6. If a devout moslem jihadi asks another devout moslem jihadi who is doing the most in the world to advance the islamic caliphate and shariah law, the honest answer is going to be this Barry Hussein son of a bitch.

    I think they all recognize the taqiyya he practices on a regular basis, and they all likely applaud him for being such a fine example of a lying piece of shit moslem jihadi infiltrator.

  7. Just judge him by his actions. Of course he is.
    Yesterday that hacker group Anonymous declared cyber war on ISIS. Today they announced they knocked down 450 twitter accounts that ISIS has been using. Hasn’t the FBI been trying to do that for a couple years now? We are being played.
    The last phase of this is our guns. And Barry’s announced that’s what he will be totally focused on his last year in office.
    That Bastid is fighting right along with them.

  8. I had to renew my ccw and yesterday was my pick up date. (Just in the nick of time). I walked into the recorders office and there was a line of approx. 15 people submitting their applications. I said to the Sheriff “Holy Crap”. And she says the line is usually a consistent 3 to 5 but ever since the Paris attack it’s been nuts and judging by the phone calls she doesn’t expect it to slow down.

  9. Barack Hussein Obama: We the Muslims in order to form a more perfect union do mandate that everyone of our fellow Muzzies be allowed into the US and be allowed to implement sharia law with animal marriage and compulsory conversion! Otherwise we will treat you with contempt and call you by that most hateful of titles “Islamophobe”!

  10. The plan seems too me to import more mooz-lums, then they cause pain suffering and death then barkie comes along with the answer of more gun control and less freedom.
    Only one small problem, we are not the French or German.

  11. would love to see this phony pimp under oath. all we would hear for a year is him pleading the 5th .. we need this destroyer of america exposed & put to the noose or jailed or whatever the
    current penalty for treason .. ( it might be a congressional seat for all we know ..eh)

  12. He’s told us before……..

    many of us just didn’t hear or understand him………



  13. This was played on a DC morning talk show yesterday, and I haven’t had time to track down the clip, so thanks.

    And yeah, is anyone surprised? Honestly? He really has nothing to lose and a tons of fun to look forward to with martial law, should things start to boil over.

  14. Future generations will shake their heads in disbelief at the ignorance and cowardice of this generation for not seeing clearly and taking action to remove this traitor from office along with his Islamic supporters put in high places.

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