What Passes For Serious Medical Literature : “Dying of Whiteness”


The once prestigious Lancet medical journal has published a bizarre book review asserting that “white Americans continue to mobilise to maintain or extend the exclusive advantages whiteness offers those who can become white.”

The Lancet selected Rhea W. Boyd, a Minority Health Policy Fellow at Harvard’s School of Public Health, to review a 2019 book called Dying of Whiteness by Jonathan Metzl, whose thesis is that “right-wing backlash policies have mortal consequences — even for the white voters they promise to help.” More

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  1. he starts out in the article by bringing up incidents of violence against blacks that happened over 50 years ago … & blames all of society’s ills on Whitey

    … & never once brings up that over 40% of black children are killed by systematic liberal policies on abortion

    sigh … then again, once a racist, always a racist … ” … blacks have consistently supported policies that benefit everyone while whites only support policies that benefit themselves.”

  2. The farmers in South Africa are “dying of whiteness”, helped along by the evil black SA government.

  3. Whiteness is a state of mind, as the black character who stayed with the doomed group in The Camp of the Saints said. That piece of dialogue is as correct as anything ever could be.

  4. This past Saturday night the blacks in Baltimore
    shot an even dozen of one another, five of whom died.
    Someone can’t tell black from white or truth from
    Take your pick but either way it’s just more commie BS.

  5. Last Saturday night in Baltimore a dozen blacks
    were shot. Five died. As the old movie disclaimer
    states: “No white people were hurt or used in the
    creation of this violence”.
    The Lancet and its asshole fiction writer need to
    get off the commie BS bandwagon and go back to
    popping boils.

  6. Everything that humans have made that was once prestigious is now a screwed up mess.

    Even MLB, especially after the Houston Astros cheating scandal.

  7. Not much of that made any sense. But I did notice THIS:

    “In reality, Boyd concludes, the only real solution “is to eliminate whiteness all together.””

  8. Isn’t “Lancet” supposed to be a British journal of medicine?
    Seems it’s gone down the shitter like everything else UK.
    Rhea W. Boyd…wouldn’t surprise me she isn’t Mike Obama’s pseudonym, with that level of venom.


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