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What race is Islam?

Psst. People don’t like Muslims. They’ve been getting bad press for the few decades, and it has nothing to do with race.

Buzzfeed– This is Yusra Ahmed. Last week, she said she and her three friends were racially abused by a National Express bus driver while travelling from Manchester to Leeds.

This is Yusra Ahmed. Last week, she said she and her three friends were racially abused by a National Express bus driver while travelling from Manchester to Leeds.

Ahmed told BuzzFeed News that the group “received hostility” from a National Express bus driver while queuing to travel from Manchester to Leeds at 10.30pm on 14 June.

The bus driver allegedly treated the women differently compared to other passengers when scanning their bus tickets, Ahmed claimed, “which is something we noticed she didn’t do to any of the other passengers”.

To start, the bus driver aggressively accused the group of bringing “smelly curry food” on the bus.

The University of Leeds student said they had actually brought cold food and that they offered to give it to homeless people outside instead of bringing it on to the bus, but the driver allegedly ignored them and demanded to search their bags, calling them “suspicious”.

After the women accused the bus driver of being racist, Ahmed said, the bus driver refused them entry on the bus and drove off.


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  1. What race are Muslims?


    Good for the bus driver refusing to take them. They were likely arrogant, loud, and abusive themselves.

    Looks like another fabricated attempt to sue, just like the Muslims that tried to board a plane while praying loudly and asking for seat belt extenders… And that list goes on and on.

  2. Arabs are a race. Muslims are a scourge on the planet, promulgating the rise of the Anti-Christ.

  3. Give that driver a promotion.
    Moozlims have ruined the U.K., thanks to their lax immigration policies.

  4. Deport every one of those worthless scumbag, welfare leaches. Send them back to the middle eastern muslim shit holes they so dearly love and miss. They can tear down every one of those smelly rat infested mosques and take all that garbage with them. Good effin riddance.

  5. What race is Islam?

    It’s a race to the bottom.

    Economically speaking, they are well supported.

  6. The race isn’t Islam. The race is between the people trying to escape Islam in any way they can; on foot, in a vehicle, or drowning while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

  7. Note to Liberal Progtards:
    I am allowed by Me to like or dislike anyone or anything I see fit to set my sights on.
    I will obey the law, but only just.
    Illegal alien? I shun them on an industrial scale.
    Muslims? I avoid them like pernicious anemia.
    Gansta looking types (of all colors) I will instantly learn Parkour to avoid your asses.
    White Trash? I will step right over you
    I do not recall being friendly to anybody as being some kind of requirement as a Citizen of the United States.
    So when these head scarf sporting types gripe about not being given the benefit of the doubt, my rejoinder is:
    “Yes, I watch you more than the next person, tell your friends.”
    Because I don’t care. I am not renting any houses out, I am not hiring, I am not in a job where I have to deal with the public.
    So piss off

  8. After accusing the bus driver of racism she wouldn’t let them on and drove off.

    Well, be damned glad she wasn’t a moslem, or she’d a cut their fucking heads off.

    “Don’t let your mouth overload your ass.”

    Or, as the more genteel might say:

    “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

  9. “Moozlims have ruined the U.K., thanks to their lax immigration policies.”

    It was actually the Leftists who let them in en masse that did it. Intentionally, by design, on purpose.

  10. Calm down it ain’t worth losing your head over it. I used to head to Florida in the winter time back in the 80’s every hotel was run by an Indian. I hate the smell of curry.

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