What Should The President Close First?

Remember the last time the federal government shut down?  Obama closed all the national parks and monuments just to make sure the American people were inconvenienced by his intransigence.

Well,  the democrats are promising to repeat their collective temper tantrum by the end of this week if they don’t get DACA their way. There will be a big difference this time, though.  Donald Trump will get to decide what agencies and functions will be idled as “nonessential.”

So, how should the president make sure that a party whose constituents are dependent on government feel the loss in their lives? More

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  1. Eliminate the subsidy congressional staffers get for healthcare insurance.

    Cut Obama’s SS protection. Shouldn’t trigger him with all those guns around him.

  2. Shut down NPR. PBS. No salaries. Expense accounts cancelled.

    Curtail Obama’s SS detail to 2, one shift a day. Two fat female Affirmative Action hires, with recent substance problems. Then keep it that way the next 8 years.
    Cancel all Education grants for Leftist studies. Never resume them.

    This is fun. Remind them who’s boss.

  3. All Non-Essential government employees not in the Park Service need to be retired.
    If their jobs are non essential, they should be cut and brought back ONLY if a demonstrable need for their services can be displayed.
    The Parks fuel Tourism. Tourism is money not made in the US that comes here to enter our economy.
    If the other Non-essential employees want jobs they can go work in the Parks, picking up trash.

  4. We will see if the Dems really have the stones to go through with it knowing Trump is not going to let them assign him the blame and they are fighting for something the majority of voters don’t want.

  5. Close every office in HHS, shut down the IRS and give the top tier of the tax collectors, the EPA, OSHA and all other regulators an extended furlough.

    No payments for SNAP, Medicaid or any other government entitlement. No funding to the UN, PP or NEA.

  6. All of the above and them write an EO to fund the military. I don’t think he can do that, but wouldn’t that be cool.

  7. Furlough all FAA and TSA personnel working at Reagan National, the airport all the congressvermin use. Might as well get Dulles and BWI while he’s at it, those would be fallbacks for Reagan.

  8. I defer to the President, however, I would suggest:

    Education, Energy, HUD, EPA, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Commission on Civil Rights
    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,
    National Council on Disability, Corporation for National and Community Service
    AmeriCorps Organizations
    AmeriCorps VISTA
    Senior Corps
    Learn and Serve America
    National Civilian Community Corps
    Volunteers in Service to America
    USA Freedom Corps
    Presidential Freedom Scholarship Program
    President’s Volunteer Service Award
    Peace Corps, General Services Administration
    Federal Systems Integration and Management Center
    Federal Citizen Information Center
    National Capital Planning Commission
    Commission of Fine Arts
    Federal Labor Relations Authority
    Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
    Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
    National Labor Relations Board
    National Mediation Board
    Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
    Chemical Safety Board
    African Development Foundation
    Export–Import Bank of the United States
    Inter-American Foundation
    Overseas Private Investment Corporation
    Corporation for Public Broadcasting
    PBS Public Broadcasting Service
    NPR Public Radio Network
    American Public Television APT
    There are more to choose from…………..

    I would also recommend there will be no back pay for no work performed.

  9. Focus on the perks and benefits of elected officials. No salary. No travel perks. Cut their office budgets so they have to lay off their own staff. No mail privileges.

    Then start laying off people who should be part of the swamp drainage in the first place. Cull the State Department. Start weeding out the FBI. Downsize the EPA. Trump can do a lot of good disguised as fiscal responsibility, and blame the Democrats in the process.

  10. Remember, my friends, that DJT has the most control over executive branch operations, and would have trouble fine-tuning what gets shut down in the judicial and legislatives branches. Not to blow my own horn or anything, but shutting down the General Services Administration would likely cause the most pain for feddle courts and congressvermin.

  11. All Non-Essential AND Non-Productive Gov’t agencies.
    I’m sure Trump has made a list.
    No back pay. No assurance that those let go get their ‘jobs’ back.
    Call it the Democrat Furlough.
    Make it permanent. By EO, if necessary.
    Ignore the courts if they order it stopped. Who will the courts have to enforce this?

  12. They should close down Hollywood. I know Hollywood is not run by the federal government, but neither was the parking at Mount Vernon nor the scenic overlooks on highways overlooking Mount Rushmore that the Obama regime seemed to find the money to close off.

  13. I used this one several days ago in a response on IOTWREPORT and on American Thinker:

    Whattheheck70 a day ago
    President Trump needs to formulate a ‘cease payment’ list, to carry the government through any democRAT shutdown of government.
    1) suspend ALL funding to ILLEGAL ALIENS.
    2) suspend all funding for planned parenthood
    3) suspend payment for congressional perks, credit cards use, or expense reimbursements
    And so on.
    Obama picked and chose which parts of the government he would shut down, and he politically punished America, rather than using practical reasoning to utilize available funds.

  14. Shut down whatever Agency that pays for dumbass studies.
    No more determining the willingness of shrimps to walk on treadmills.
    No more finding out if dogs approve of Nougat

  15. If the dems push this shutdown I think it’ll bite them right in the ass. Trump has a gift for turning their tactics back on them. This should be FUN!

  16. I liked Cato’s list. But this shutdown will not be the theater orchestrated by imam obama. There will not be thousands of ornate barrycades closing off the national mall, for instance.

    Not like it stopped people for defying them, incidentally.
    I have great pics I took of that defiance I’d love to share. I can send them to Fur and MJA to keep on hand just in case.

  17. All congressional perks, all UN funding, all congressional staff (let them get their own coffee), Arts funding, and all federal grants.

  18. Shut it all down – except the military – and have the President call for an Article Five Convention Of The States.

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