What the hell is going on with Kamala’s arms?

American Thinker:
By Thomas Lifson

The vice president of the United States spoke yesterday at the brand-new Northeast Bronx YMCA, promoting the so-called infrastructure bill that actually would transform the economy into dependence on unreliable “green” power and the populace into unsustainable financial dependence on borrowed money from the U.S. Treasury.

But forget about the substance, bad as it is, and focus on her behavior at the podium, which was, frankly, bizarre enough to suggest that something is deeply wrong.

Watch her arms in this clip.  It’s only 26 seconds long, so I recommend watching it first with the sound off.  Watching a second time with the sound on does nothing to ameliorate the utter weirdness: WATCH

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  1. Who does she t6hink she is? Red Skeltonhttps://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=red+skelton+doing+the+seagull&docid=608041067165938444&mid=27C96FAE76ED919EE1C927C96FAE76ED919EE1C9&view=detail&FORM=VIRE

  2. It’s like the Kidnappers told her to try and act normal in front of the Police

    and nothing would happen to Her Child.

  3. She’s stoned and can’t feel her arms so it’s fun to flap them.
    Not that I know anything about being stoned.🤭

  4. she’s hopped up, maybe on part of hunter’s sash. I’d say she’s trying too hard to look ‘bouncy’ and light and even innocent. I think they want to sell that to be her new persona. That’s what 8 dollars worth of Mary Kay cosmetics and scratchy underwear will get you.

  5. She looks like folks I see walking around town that are on meth. They always look like chickens flapping their wings and pecking air.

  6. It’s a nervous twitch, just like her kackle. She’s clearly uncomfortable being in the public spotlight.

  7. Something prescription like Vicodin or Oxy mixed with Weed Gummies and Grey Goose.

  8. Biden stood there during his townhall with his arms bent and rigid drawing comparisons to Beavis/Cornholio. I guess that makes Kamala’ Butthead.

  9. Not sure it’s the P2P meth, synthetically made with products like Mercury, lye, cyanide, sulfuric acid hydrochloric acid, and nitrostyrene. No coming back from that without the hand of God from that high. At least the old plant base meth some people could kick it and get their head back.

  10. My niece’s fiance (who became her husband) wiggled around like that when he was on meth. He also said incredibly stupid shit whilst high.

    His, to be, FIL was complaining that the heat didn’t work in his truck, and this clown blurted out, “You probably got a bad MAF sensor…”

    The FIL is an idiot and got excited.

    I glanced at MY FIL and got the brainwave, “Don’t kill him in my house!”

    So I wasn’t allowed to kill the little weasel.

  11. I was about to go ballistic on the retard, Al. I was inhaling all the air in that house to have the superhuman strength to rip off this clown’s arms and toss him out of the bay window.

    I was going to say, “MASS AIRFLOW SENSOR?” at 140 dbm.

    It couldn’t be something as simple as to say, “Let me look at your truck… you may have a leaky, or popped off vacuum hose…”

    It went straight FULL RETARD.

  12. Oh, I didn’t make it clear which weasel I was going to kill. In hindsight I should have killed both of them.

    Who buys a Jimmy? And who claims MAF sensors make the heat not work?


  13. Anybody really GAF?
    Just die, already.

    Her handlers probably told her that would make her seem more “human” to the audience.

    izlamo delenda est …


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