What the World Needs Now – An Overpriced Box of Bob Ross Cereal


For no reason other than why the heck not, music giant of yore FYE is producing a Bob Ross cereal. The toasted oats and marshmallow combo is called “Bob Ross: The Joy of Cereal.”

There’s not much of a descriptor on the site to work with, so until I have the box I just ordered in my own hands, here’s what I can report. At passing glance, it looks to be a very Lucky Charms-influenced type of food (or has Lucky Charms been Bob Ross-influenced this whole time?????????) with a selection of colorful marshmallows woven throughout the grain. Bob himself appears on the box with his paintbrush, of course, smiling and declaring that you should “just eat, relax, and watch it happen!”

It seems each marshmallow is a tribute to the colors on Bob’s palette as there’s a cut-out version of the iconic tool on the back of the cereal box. Beneath the palette is a bunch of encouragement, all of which is meant to help you start your first painting (and, you know, experience the true joy of cereal, obv).

Instagram user @junkfoodmom tried a box and confirmed all that plus hinted at the flavor of the cereal: “Toasted oat cereal with marshmallows which include happy little trees, happy little accidents, almighty mountains and lovely little bushes and 4 more.”

Bob Ross The Joy Of Cereal

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I’m going to sell these. Buck forty-nine.

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  1. I saw a lot of this on the streets of San Francisco last week.
    Celebrate Regularity, it’s not just a good idea.

  2. A box with KellyAnne Conway and Sarah Sanders on the front.
    When you open it, two fists punch you in the face.
    I call it: Beaty-Wheats

  3. Fibber One
    #Post checked foot notes
    1: No Shame; See Good Mornings with Joesef and Mika
    2: No Scruples; See CNN Sucks PM with Andrea Spits Turds
    3: No Ethics; See Good Night Larry Odental
    FACT Checked: TRUE, Verifried

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