What would fast food cost if employees made 15 dollars an hour?


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  1. Happy Father’s Day. Hit the Old Man up for a raise in your allowance…then, treat him to a Baconator Combo while it’s still under $10. 🙂

  2. That’s roughly Guam prices, if maybe a little less than
    our cost. The gas is ridiculous also here if you are not
    military, averages almost three dollars higher.

    BUT, that being said…….

    We pay no taxes on anything other than our federal equivalent
    that is not paid to the IRS but is paid to GuvGuam.

  3. Ha! My brother has 3 employees that have started out at $10.00 per hour for several days, (to see if they are worthwhile), and then slowly increased to $17.00 per hour, (as of today), over a long period of time, (about 4 years experience), based on their ability to adapt. The work is laborious, dangerous and requires people with common sense. Which is a hell of a lot more than what it takes to flip a burger or sink some french fries.
    While it is not specifically his intention, the training does develop self-confidence and worthiness.

  4. Lol, it will hurt the poor people (the ones making $15 an hour) who call these food establishments “going out to dinner on Friday night”.

  5. I don’t go to all those places (e.g. Pizza Hut pizza tastes like cardboard), but for McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway and Burger King, the prices in Alaska before any wage hike are already at the after-the-wage-hike costs, ridiculous prices to pay for fast food. My son and I can go to Moose’s Tooth or Bear Tooth and get a gourmet pizza for the same or very slightly over what we’d pay for two meals at any of these places (AND at Bear Tooth take in a movie for $3*). And I know we’re not alone, so if we’re avoiding the chain fast foods *now*, the Alaska prices after a wage hike (which I’d be interested to see, for curiosity if nothing else) would send a lot of people away.

    We don’t have Chik-Fil-A, so I can’t comment on their prices. But I had it twice on the East Coast and I’m tempted to say I’d pay it for theirs, but I don’t think this ignorant movement should get any support at all.

    *after-market films, e,g, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is listed already as a “coming soon” film. People here will gladly go to places like Bear Tooth instead of idiotic and mostly disgusting fast food. Oh and Bear Tooth burritos are to die for!

  6. Love Chic filet, but the others are not worth what we’re paying for them now.

    We’re still trying to figure out how a fast food place can manage to take all the flavor out of their food.

  7. Maybe I should rethink the job I have now and go to fast food. At least you get a free meal everyday.

  8. Originally referred to as junk food, it has more than doubled in price since they began calling it “fast” – and that was before all the whining over $15 an hour. And has anyone bought beef lately? I’d say America is ripe for Soylent Green franchises to spring up.

  9. As an American ex-pat living in Canada, I’m already paying those prices for fast food and the minimum wage up here is only $11.50. Ontario Premiere Kathleen Wynne recently announced that Ontario’s minimum wage will be increased to $15 an hour by 2019, so I suspect I will never purchase fast food again once that takes place because they’ll have to jack the prices up even higher than they are now.

  10. Got Rib-Eye steaks from Wal-Mart the other day for $8.47/lb (good steaks, too).
    Potatoes are still running about $0.20/lb.
    Asparagus is about $3/lb.

    So, why eat that crap, when you can feed a family of two for about $12/meal?
    Throw in butter and salt, &c., it runs a tad more (plus prep and clean up) but tastes better.

    Ah, well …

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Those price predictions are just like Democrats predicting revenue from a tax hike: they won’t happen because something else will happen first. There will be smaller increases to pay for the robots that replace them, but the primary effect will be that the employment of humans by FF restaurants will plummet.

  12. Skarew the fast food industry
    I avoid them like the plague
    I will eat gas station sushi first.
    At least the gas station sushi prepare person cannot see me and is less tempted to spit on the food over my Trump Hat

  13. That would eat up someone’s EBT card really fast! They’ll be screaming for a raise or get it for free, oh wait, it is free to them!

  14. reboot June 18, 2017 at 12:44 am

    That’s roughly Guam prices,

    Does Guam have a “no tipping” policy?

    Some dude named Hank is worried that too much tipping may upset everyone on the island. Or something like that..

  15. These are all franchises. What about the small restaurants?
    Oh yeah, that’s right, they’ll all go bankrupt.
    THAT’s why big corporations give money to Demo(n)crates; so they can help destroy the competition. Crony capitalism is NOT true capitalism

  16. So after they get 15 minus deductions their purchasing power will be only slightly better for those still employed. Now that’s progress!

  17. Now do the figured increase for the fucked state of Californiastan.

    …..where fuel all by itself is 1$ higher than the rest of the nation just due to a bullshit gas tax.

    A decent hamburger at Red Robin costs a $20 bill.

  18. It’s the Marines dat’s gonna tip this place over. They were
    delayed again.
    They are debating on how many fat outer islander welfare types
    they need to relocate to counter balance the Marine presence. It’s
    an engineering nightmare.

  19. I was offered $500 a day to go back to Iraq as a contractor in 2002. It had the same survival rate as a WW2 bomber crew, so I passed.


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