“What would he be doing different?” – IOTW Report

“What would he be doing different?”

Go see: https://www.diogenesmiddlefinger.com/2022/09/if-biden-or-people-pulling-his-strings.html

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  1. “Yeah right. America is pickin up the pieces no matter what you CRY babies claim! But hell please feel free to end it all TODAY!
    Also we wlll help you out of your pitiful excuse for existence.”

    LOL. Meet me. I need your help straightening my corrupt and evil conservative life around. Tell me where and when and I’ll be there. BYOBB.

  2. So…when pedojoe46 and hussein44 walked in…..for the hussein44 and big mike portrait unveilings yesterday….

    Who was on the left…….and who was leading…?????
    You .mil guys know what I’m getting at.


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