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What would you do with them?

Never Yet Melted: Two locks of hair, one blond, one brown, allegedly from the head of Emily Dickinson are being offered for sale on Ebay for $450,000. more

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  1. “What would you do with them?”

    Make your own WAY oversensitive feminist icon poet.

    I wrote a series of books under the “DUNE” rubric that my stupid kid took and ruined the story line for, but he has some guidance on how you can grow your own clone from some hair and shock it back to its original memories if you want so it’s just like having the real thing.

    Of course the first thing you have to do is kidnap a woman, lobotomize her, connect her to a bunch of life support equipment and distort her uteres so you can grow whatever clone you want, and most people don’t get past that first step…

  2. Goldenfoxx
    SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 AT 2:32 PM
    “What good are a dead person’s locks of hair to anyone? Think about it.”

    I do, when I lay them across my palm, they just feelz so gud…

  3. It’s all relative.
    I’d treasure a lock of obama’s hair – as long as it’s still attaches to the rest of his head. I’d hang it on a spike.

  4. First I would have them vacuum sealed and then offer them to Joe Biden for $1,000,000. My selling point would be that these came from Emily Dickinson when she was a young virgin. He could swing some deals to get the cash deposited in an off shore account of my choosing.

  5. I had some lower hairs from my first real girlfriend and she was a looker!
    Just the thought would give uncl joe a stroke………

  6. I never got into that whole relic thing, from poets, saints or anyone else.

    Anyway, her poetry is semi-ruined by all the dashes. So annoying.


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