What’d He Do?

What’d He Do?

1- Poured a Dozen Boxes of Mr. Bubble In a Hotel Hot Tub and Nearly Filled the Entire Atrium With Bubbles

2- Washed His Clothes In a Hotel Hot Tub After Filling It With Wisk

3- Filled His Windshield Wiper Fluid Reservoir With His Own Urine And Aimed It Sideways To Hit Other Cars

4- Dropped Trou At a Krogers and Took a Dump on the Self-Checkout Scanner

5- Captured and Released Alligators To Stock a Swamp Near His Ex-Girlfriend’s House in “Order To Have Her Dog Eaten”

6- Gave a Kid 5 Dollars To Go Into a Store And Hand Clerk a Note Saying “You Have To Give Me $100 or the Guy Who Gave Me This Note Will Beat Me.”

7- Posted a Classified Ad and Sold a $1500 Swing Set Out of Yard in His Neighborhood For $175


ht/ FDR in Hell

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  1. Looks like he “washes” his hair with his urine. So I’m guessing filling his windshield washer reservoir with his own urine.

  2. I hate to say it, but when I’m in long boring conferences at work, I play the “What if…?” game in my head where I wonder how severely my life would diverge from its current course if I did something crazy at that very moment.

    One of the things I thought of once was what direction my life would go if I jumped up on the large conference table in front of everyone who matters in my present career, dropped trou’ and took a big giant shit on the conference call speaker. First thing I think of is the muffled tinny sound that would come from the speaker after it was covered with one of more larger morning steaming turds… Then I giggle a bit… Then everyone looks at me like I’m crazy… Then I pull my head out of my ass and start listening and doing my job again.

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