What’d He Do? – IOTW Report

What’d He Do?

Esteban Rocha

1. Did a cannonball into a kiddie pool, severely injuring a little girl.

2. Ran out onto the field at Dodger Stadium and wagged his pee-pee at the crowd.

3. Drove one of the stolen golf carts to the gas station after the truck hauling them ran out of gas.

4. Exposed himself outside of the police station where he just registered as a sex offender.

5. Organized rats versus cats fights for betting.

6. He and his accomplice stole 500 gallons of paint and he poured it onto the road and police cars during chase.

7. Organized poker games + “neck rubs” with underage masseuses willing to “take tips.”

8. Removed granite curbing from municipality and then suspiciously offered a lowball bid to repair it.

9. Set up a free online dating site stacked with phony accounts, except his own. He showed up no matter who the women picked.

10. Meet one of Mexico’s top music producers, or so his clients in LA were told.


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  1. I’ve missed you dude. Where you been? Is the family OK. Don’t be a stranger. I’m just glad to see I’m still bugging the shit out of you. Rent free.

  2. I went with #3, thief first, then pervert.
    #3 was a red herring, you’re getting clever, Sherlock Hat.

  3. Wait, was he the pitcher or 3rd baseman? I can’t remember, but I’m sure I’ve got his Dodgers baseball card from back in the late 70s early 80s! I guess he let his hair grow out since he retired!

  4. That guy was at our Maid of Cotton contest, impersonating Tony Orlando. He couldn’t sing worth a damn.

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