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What’d He Want?

A man who ran from Phoenix police and holed up on the roof of a motel wouldn’t come down till his demands were met, police said on Tuesday.

It happened at a Motel 6 at Black Canyon Highway and Northern at about 7am Police say it started when they were investigating a shoplifting at a nearby Walgreens. They found a car at the motel they believed to be the perpetrators’, and one of their suspects ran, ending up on the roof of the motel.

He refused to come down until he got what he wanted.

Did he want:
1. To see the newest Star Wars Movie
2. A change of underwear

3. A priest
4. 3 Percocet and a Red Bull
5. Robe and slippers
6. Doughnuts and milk
7. A telescope
8. Tickets to the Super Bowl
9. 100 Lotto Scratch-Offs and a penny
10. A mirror
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11 Comments on What’d He Want?

  1. I don’t care what he wanted!

    what he needs is a good slap up side his head by one of his parents!

    who is going to take care of these kids parents when the parents get old and senile? not their kids!
    those little wimps they are raising won’t have the fortitude to do what needs to be done, nor the money to hire someone else to do it for them because them and their parents spent them into un-repayable debt by voting for big government politicians who promised them free stuff and gave them a ruined economy void of jobs.

  2. I hope this idiot never got his milk and doughnuts. I think they should’ve either went up there and dragged his ass off the roof, or just waited the punk out. Unless he dies up there, he can’t stay up there forever.

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