“Whatever doctor did this to Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows needs to spend hard time in prison” – IOTW Report

“Whatever doctor did this to Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows needs to spend hard time in prison”

Noted in Passing:A “Walking Dead” bolted together by bullshit, booze, and botox.

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  1. I may have to take some blame for that.

    I have often wished someone would pull back on her reigns real hard.

  2. I suspect this is a side effect of reaching the max on facial elasticity. I’m wondering if those were tattooed on three face stretches ago and now she has to live with them.

  3. I think her surgeon has a sense of humor really. He did exactly what Nancy wanted, “scared $hitless” looking eyebrows, and she got them. I wonder if they’re tatted on? I have a friend with tatted eyebrows, she looks freaky too.

  4. she needs to shave her forehead and get a pair of stick on jobbies from trudeau.
    my dogs would bark at her

  5. Suitable punchline:
    Doc: Those aren’t eyebags, Nancy, they’re your breasts…
    Nancy: Hmmm.. I guess that would explain this goatee!

  6. Prison? Nah, that doctor deserves an award. I can’t think of anyone else more deserving than Nancy to look like a freakshow.

  7. Cynic – looking forward to her take on Pelosi’s latest (can’t remember her name!). For a second, I thought it WAS her and she was using a green screen.

  8. For the Trillionth time, we are a Constitutional Republic, NOT a Democracy thank God!

    Just because you repeat a lie over and over it does not make it true.

    Actually, I thought she was doing a really bad Jone Rivers, rest her soul, impersonation.

  9. I think Nostradamus wrote a quatrain for her:

    “The one from the gay city, past her prime,
    Shall haveca look of great surprise,
    Tall hooks, drawn high.
    A fearsome visage, even withered.
    The bottle nearby to be empty at three and thirty.”

    Better check the Book of Revelation, too.

  10. There’s a good possibility she doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary about her eyebrows. The woman is batshit crazy.

  11. I looked this up in an old nursing book.
    It is called pelosis
    Sudden onset of acute pelosis of the face
    Thats what she’s got.
    Glad I’m not her
    Looks like a good opportunity to sell someone a mirror. lol

    “Thats just the mark that God put on my face” Robert Pete Williams

  12. Holy shit, he tightened the bolt on the back of her neck so much her eyebrows walked right up her forehead – never seen nuttin’ like it!

  13. My kids used to watch the Hunger Games movies.

    All of the elites in the big city that abused the rest of the populace looked like a bunch of post operative freaks just like this

  14. Nasty Pelosi’s forehead is now on the nape of her neck. Did she have her skin work done by a drum tuner?


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