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Whatever Happened to Pants-Stuffing Sandy Berger?

December 21, 2006

Former national security adviser Sandy Berger removed classified documents from the National Archives in 2003 and hid them under a construction trailer, the Archives inspector general reported Wednesday. The report was issued more than a year after Berger pleaded guilty and received a criminal sentence for removal of the documents.

Inspector General Paul Brachfeld reported that when Berger was confronted by Archives officials about the missing documents, he said it was possible he threw them in his office trash. The report said that when Archives employees first suspected that Berger – who had been President Clinton’s national security adviser – was removing classified documents from the Archives in the fall of 2003, they failed to notify any law enforcement agency. More

January 13, 2015

For months, he called it an honest mistake.

But on Friday, Sandy Berger (search) pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in federal court. Berger, who served as President Clinton’s national security adviser, is acknowledging that it wasn’t an honest mistake and that he intentionally took and destroyed copies of classified documents from the National Archives (search) and cut them up with scissors.

Berger acknowledged to U.S. Magistrate Deborah Robinson that he intentionally took and deliberately destroyed three copies of the same document dealing with terror threats during the 2000 millennium (search) celebration. He then lied about it to Archives staff when they told him the documents were missing. More

Sandy died rather mysteriously less than a year after pleading guilty to stuffing his pants with classified documents. Here

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  1. Bill Clinton said that Sandy was just being “sloppy.”
    “You should see his desk”

    Imagine saying something like this and not being embarrassed as hell?
    Of course being a Clinton you can treat everyone as fools and literally get away with murder.

  2. “The cause of death was cancer, said a statement by his consulting firm, the Albright Stonebridge Group.”

    That doesn’t seem the least bit unusual?

    Doesn’t a family member usually inform the public. Why Berger’s consulting firm? Who’s diagnosis and who paid the salary for that diagnosis?

  3. Sandy Berger had a superior mind with a somewhat elastic memory. He belonged in jail. It would have sharpened his memory.


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