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Whatever Happened to the Eyewitness That Said Cruz Was Wearing Full Body Armor and a Helmet?

Why does every massive tragic event have anomalies, oddities and contradictions?

See the video here.

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  1. A lot of this can be explained away by human frailty during a traumatic event. I get more curious about the inefficiency of the people that are supposed to protect us. Careful FUR, next thing you know you’ll be paying attention to Q.

  2. I like the looks and the composure of that lady. Granted, it was a traumatic event ant so her recollections may be brought into question, but compared to the crises actors (ahem, the Hogg kid and the shaved head lesbian looking thing) I give her enough credibility that we need to know what she saw. And again, the douffle bag dragged out by the cops, who are they and what were they doing?!?! Between this and Las Vegas the authorities have less credibility than they ever had.

  3. Well, she does teach creative writing. Many reports of multiple shooters. The Sheriffs department stands down. And fast forward, they want our guns. I guess Vegas didn’t have the desired results. See what you’ve done now. I’m off and running on the conspiracy shit.

  4. Same thing with the Crisis Actor who insisted that the FBI arrived as “first responders helping children run to safety.”

    The Florida Legislature speaker and 74 members have signed a request for Rick Scott to remove the Broward Sheriff for “malfeasance”.

  5. I recommend keeping your eyes, ears, and mind open. Get a little more ammo, make sure your kids and grandkids aren’t being indoctrinated, and pay attention. There is some shit that’s going to go down and who knows where it will come from. One more thing, I’ll pick up a little gold and silver coins, but I don’t trust bitcoins any more than I trust Bernie Madoff.

  6. “Get a little more ammo, make sure your kids and grandkids aren’t being indoctrinated”

    I know for a fact Joe6pak is one bad ass Grandfather.

  7. I wouldnt dismiss this womans eyewitness account. She is very measured and articulate, she was very close to this shooter, she to action to help kids and did not collapse in fear, the shooter punched the glass out and shot into her room. All in all, she gives a very believable accounting and I believe she clearly saw the guy and what he was wearing. She is very credible.

  8. Who knows what’s in the drugs they put these idiots on, maybe it’s done for a reason.
    Maybe someone else helps it along even by participating in the shootings or “standing down” during the shootings.

    The sad thing is nothing would surprise me anymore. It could come out the cops participated or had knowledge and took their own sweet time getting there or Obama’s FBI holdovers hired the kid to do it and I wouldn’t be shocked.
    Not that I’m saying it’s what happened or believe it’s what happened, just that nothing would surprise me anymore because I don’t trust liberals, gun grabbers or anyone on the government payroll.

  9. Thanks Brad, as you know, being a Grampa is every bit as important as being a dad. Funny thing is my grandkids seem to give me more credit than my kids did.

  10. “Funny thing is my grandkids seem to give me more credit than my kids did.”
    Yea, been dealing with that myself. A couple months before my father died he told me “The problem with being a parent is you really only get one shot at it. After that its to late.” To this day I don’t get the motivation of him telling me that.

  11. From my observations I’d put civilian observations at about 20% of any trained or experienced persons.

    That comes from my 23 years on Submarines.

  12. Joe6pak & BB – The reason grandparents and grandkids get along so well is that they are united against a common enemy.

  13. F4UCorsair, the fact that you would say that tells me you’ve probably lived it. Someday I’ll figure out why it works that way, by then it will be too late to change anything.

  14. I can’t comment on what this woman saw but it does raise the question – why aren’t we hearing more eye witness accounts?

    We hear from the coached student propagandists but we would normally be seeing interviews of the injured survivors or those who were fortunate to escape uninjured.

    From a composite of 20 to 50 eye witness accounts we’d get find some common areas of agreement.

    Instead, the only voices we hear are agenda driven mouthpieces.

  15. I believe that she witness the mother fuc evil bitch with helmet and full body armor the government isn’t telling us the truth about him . What about the Facebook with him . Pic of Isis, syria . I don’t believe sheriff Israel.

  16. Whatever happened to the blonde girl interviewed who said Cruz descended the stairs with her while the shooting was actually going on? She also said she talked to him during the descent.

  17. There also was a blog article somewhere by a surviving teacher who claimed she heard someone outside her classroom door say something like “There’s nobody here, let’s go to the next one” or something to that effect. I didn’t save the article (dammit) and I can’t find it now. Nothing turns up on ixquick Internet search either. WTF?

  18. I’m pretty much in joe6pak’s league with my grandson. He’s getting the straight word from me. I’m with joe all the way.

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