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What’s Ailing Hillary Clinton?

Matt Drudge has been broadcasting all the signals that Hillary Clinton is in poor health. Not only does she seem to suffer the coughing jags of a lifetime three pack-a-day smoker, but now the candidate is back to wearing the prism glasses.


Drudge believes she suffers a thyroid condition and accuses the MSM of covering it up.


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  1. Hey, Frankie. Give us a heads-up when she’s in the On-Deck Circle, will ya’ huh?

    I’ve got big money riding on her in the Office Pool. 👿

  2. @LCD – Me, too. My forecast is she’ll drop out for “health reasons” just before she’s indicted.

    The most serious ailment she’s suffering from is melanocarditis.

    (I just made that word up. It’s Greek for black-heartedness.)

  3. She should take some time off, to recover.

    Maybe a nice quail hunting trip on a Texas ranch would be beneficial? Bill should go too.

  4. Diagnosis (Over The Phone): Bronchiectasis

    Huma’s yeast infection hadn’t presented itself when Hillary contracted it on her trachea and both bronchi.

  5. She’s about to pupate.
    First the outer layer will begin to solidify and she will enter a ‘stasis’ if you will. She needs those glasses now because her eyes are being reabsorbed, God knows what’s going on with her lungs.
    Then soon her entire internal structure will dissolve and remake itself more in line with the polls, and focus group findings.
    Then the chitin that forms her protective outer layer will split and fall off and she will emerge.
    The good news is she will be entering the final stage of life.
    The bad news is she will be ready to mate.

  6. UPDATE:

    Lucifer just revealed his Prophesy…

    Hillary holds on only long enough to be crowned First Female U.S. President and is then forced to resign for health reasons.

    So, watch carefully whom she chooses to run as Vice President.

  7. Photographer: Just look at the camera and smile Mz Clinton.
    Hillary: Which one?
    Photographer: Both of them.

    Hillary: Make sure you get my good side.

    Photographer: How?
    Hillary: Have you ever been to Fort Marcie Park?

  8. Distemper combined with rabies.

    At a minimum Hashimoto’s and probably another autoimmune disease.
    Possibly thyroid cancer.
    Gee I’m all broken up about it.

    Let’s see if she dies of natural causes with a pillow over her head.

  9. No wonder she’s hiding the transcripts of her Goldman Sachs speeches:

    “and this turns out to be the best time to[coughing]sorry got a frog[coughing] mm get a[inaudible]Thanks, Huma. I was[coughing[inaudible, audience chanting HILLARY]Thank you all, good night[coughing, music starts]

  10. Trouble with the quail hunting trip to Texas is that the assassin works for the Clintoon Cartel, and Hilldabeest cannot be kept in the grave…Zombie anyone?

  11. “and I did NOT have sex with that woman” says Hitllary while looking at Huma and gagging Wee WillieWonka….keep an close eye on her HIT list, its growing by the day…..Last entry, Scotus party of one….

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